Autocrit Vs ProWritingAid

Automatic Text Analysis

ProWritingAid will examine your text using a variety of statistics and proprietary algorithms. The analyses are based on a set of rules for writing that can be measured. These rules are measurable for example, the use of adverbs in a moderate manner. These rules are important when you are looking to improve your writing. ProWritingAid makes them easily visible.

Realtime lets you quickly work through documents.

Once you’ve fixed the errors, you can start to edit each report. These reports allow you to look at the sentences, word choices repetition of words, as well as other details. You can also run a Summary Report to find out where you need to focus to make the most improvement in the most time:

How to Utilize it

ProWritingAid can be downloaded in a variety of formats. Their Web Editor can be used to edit documents in your browser. It is also possible to make use of their browser extensions to fix grammar problems on websites like Twitter or WordPress. Word addins allow users to edit directly Word documents for Windows as well as Mac.

Today, though we’ll be focusing on their Desktop App , which is perfect to work on the Ulysses documents. Registration is necessary to access the software. There are a variety of options available to work with Ulysses documents. Ulysses writers may choose to use the online Web Editor or download the desktop program. You’ll require a premium licence to edit over 500 words at once or use our desktop app.

The desktop application supports 8 file types including Markdown. Markdown File can be used to export Ulysses text. ProWritingAid will then edit the text and then you can then import it to Ulysses to further process. It’s quick and easy, but you don’t have the option of saving the images or attachments (e.g. writing goals). After some testing with the application, I found that the following workflow is effective for me:

Open ProWritingAid and create a new Markdown file.

Go to your Ulysses sheet, choose a text passage, and select the “Copy as Markdown” option from the Edit menu.

Paste into ProWritingAid.

Then go through the report, and edit the report using ProWritingAid.

When you’re done, select and copy the text you edited.

Copy the text from your Ulysses document back to it.

The Reports

In each ProWritingAid report, the problems found in your text appear underlined. The explanations and/or suggestions will be displayed when you move your cursor over the underlined portion of your text. If you need an idea, click it. You can make use of a synonym or more simple word to accomplish the task.

Each report comes with a brief explanation and a link that takes you to more detailed information on the subject. You will find some examples to provide you with an understanding of the depth and breadth of my explanation.

Writing Style Audit This report can help you improve your writing style. For instance, the report identifies the usage of passive voice in your text, as sentences in active voice are more engaging to read. Writing Style Check also identifies repeated sentences starts and suggests ways to improve the readability of your text.

Overused Words Check This report identifies words that are so frequently used in daily life that they have become boring and almost meaningless, e.g there and have . ProWritingAid might not be able tell the frequency with which you use them in excess.

Verify the length of sentence

Texts that contain sentences of various lengths are more readable. This report displays your sentence lengths in bar graphs, to help you determine quickly whether you require to work on improving. What’s more it will highlight especially long sentences, since they tend to render a text difficult to comprehend.


ProWritingAid is available on the internet for no cost. It’s not as user-friendly, and it doesn’t offer the full range of reports availableBut, it could be enough to make an impression. You can utilize the desktop application as well as other add-ons when you have a premium membership. It costs $79 per year, or $399 for a lifetime licence. ProWritingAid offers a 14-day assurance that you will be satisfied with your decision.

Final Thoughts

ProWritingAid isn’t intended to replace the human editor. It can help highlight specific aspects of a text and does an extensive job. ProWritingAid is not an alternative to editing your text. It can, however, help speed up this process.