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What exactly is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid’s website lists many amazing features. Apart from the specific tasks the tool can do to help improve writing and improve your writing, it also provides analytic reports to look at a closer review of your writing.

It goes beyond grammar and spelling checks. It examines the style, consistency and readability of writing.

ProWritingAid – How you can improve your writing

Are you a victim of marketing hype?

It is easy to be overly enthusiastic about marketing strategies that are slick and put a lot of trust in the product.

This is especially true when product creators make large claims. ProWritingAid’s creators claim it can “help” you achieve new heights. They also say that the app is “a grammar checker stylist editor, mentor, and writer’s coach together.” It’s difficult to find an experienced editor or a mentor. ProWritingAid isn’t enough to claim that it can do all these things.

Let’s move beyond the language used to describe the benefits, and consider the tangible effects it has on the writing you do.

It doesn’t matter if you use ProWritingAid on the web or as a browser-based plugin, or on your desktop The user experience remains the same regardless of the way it’s used.

These are three options for using the online service of ProWritingAidVisit the ProWritingAid site and access the program on any device with internet access.

Browser plugin to enable the browser plugin to function in the background, you must download it.

Desktop application: To use the program, you don’t need to have a browser open.

Here are the steps that you must follow in order to utilize ProWritingAid

You can copy your writing into ProWritingAid or you can write directly into it.

Analyze your work.

To determine where you can improve your writing take a look at your reports.

How does ProWritingAid help you be a better publisher?

Take a closer glance at the information

ProWritingAid can analyze the writing you have submitted in 20 different ways. Automated feedback will be given on the following areas.

Here’s a list of more than 20 elements included in the report.

#1 – Writing Style

Software is unable to really analyze the style since it is subjective.

#2 – Grammar

Sometimes, we get so absorbed in the idea we wish to convey through our language that we forget the grammar rules it has to conform to. ProWritingAid identifies your grammatical errors and shows you how to correct the errors.

#3 – Words that are overused

As creative, subjective beings, we aren’t aware of the routine flaws that we make in our writing. Most writers have a list of words that they frequently use without realizing it. This tool will identify whether you’re making use of certain words frequently and help you consider alternatives.

#4  Cliche and redundant language

ProWritingAid might consider redundant language as an example of stylistic choices. To avoid any errors, allow the app’s to detect cliches that could be used.

#5  Words Glue Words

ProWritingAid analyzes words that contain “and,” “in,” and ‘of’ to constitute glue words. They help a sentence stick together, but they don’t add much value. To write concise sentences, determine the number of glue words you’re using.

#6  Readability Statistics

If you’re interested in knowing the Flesch Reading Ease score for your work, ProWritingAid gives you exactly the score you need. Make sure your language is suitable for the intended audience.

#7 Repetitive Language

It’s not required to use repetitive words when there are over 170,000 words within the English language. When we are in a creative flow state it is possible to repeat the same words or phrases unknowingly. The ProWritingAid tool can detect your repeated words before they get to your editor or reader.

#8 – Sentence Length

Many people think that writing in various lengths of sentences as an essential part of professional writing. ProWritingAid will analyze your sentence length in order to avoid boring lacks.

#9 – Pronoun Usage

Readers can be annoyed by excessive pronoun usage. ProWritingAid believes that a 4- to 15% level of pronoun use is considered acceptable. The software will highlight the percentage of pronouns used, so you can consider adjusting it.

#10 Transitions

Want to know the percentage of your sentences need to include transitional words like ‘nevertheless ‘as a result’? ProWritingAid estimates that it is 25 percent to 30 percent of the time. A lack of transitional language is one of the many weaknesses the app can detect.

#11 Consistency

Writing that is inconsistent can ruin otherwise great writing. If you are inconsistent in your use of contracted language, or regional spelling, ProWritingAid will let you be aware. This is particularly beneficial when working in a team, especially with remote teams.

#12 – Pacing

The tool’s report on pacing is a good example of this. The application will notify you if you have too much fast-paced sections.

#13 – Dialogue Tags

Although it’s your personal preference however, there’s a general standard that dialogue tags must not be more than “said.” ProWritingAid shows every tag in the dialogue you’ve selected, so you can make changes when needed.

#14 #14 Contextual Thesaurus

You’ve probably attempted to make use of thesaurus-generated languages, and it was a dangerous decision. If you don’t have a good understanding of a suggested word it is difficult to judge whether it is appropriate in the context of. ProWritingAid includes a full contextual thesaurus.

#15 15: Diction

Are you susceptible to over-exaggeration and apathy? ProWritingAid will identify areas where your writing is too wordy and offer punchier alternatives.

#16 16: Alliteration

The use of alliteration can be a bit like spice. The right amount of alliteration can add flavor to your vocabulary, but too much could cause irritation and overwhelm. To find the right alliteration level for you determine which alliterations are used.

#17 – Homonyms

Insanity, mistakes with voice to speech software as well as other issues can cause homonyms to appear. ProWritingAid helps you avoid embarrassing mishaps by identifying homophones in all languages.

#18 – Acronyms

Acronyms, even though they might not be obvious to experts in grammar and spelling they can create confusion, and can even undermine credibility. ProWritingAid helps you ensure accuracy when using acronyms.

#19 Multisyllabic Words

Your readers may become annoyed or repelled if you use too many words with more than three syllables. ProWritingAid will detect each instance of trisyllabic terminology and suggest an easier alternative.

#20 Bespoke Style

customized style guide is able to be designed for any writing task. ProWritingAid allows you to design your own style guide for the specific writing project.

#21 – Plagiarism Check

Perhaps you require written material from several writersOr, perhaps you want academic quality. ProWritingAid is accessible for any reason, including in-depth plagiarism detection.

ProWriting Aid Reports: What is the Verdict

Overall, ProWritingAid’s reports are of an impressive scope and ambitionBut, they’re not meant to match the experience of an experienced editor.

ProWritingAid’s range of reports can be seen as granular, quantitative insights into your work. For a human mind, raw clay to mold into something worthwhile.

ProWritingAid allows you to forget about details like your pronoun usage percentage. Instead, you can concentrate on the most important thing: your message.

ProWritingAid can be utilized in combination with other tools for publishing

We are writers who are creatures of habit. It can be very difficult to switch from the writing tools and systems we’re familiar with. George R.R. Martin ProWritingAid is a great tool to keep at your disposal when you’ve spent time to develop a method to help you become an writer.

Learning new software can take time.

ProWritingAid will work with existing writing tools rather than making you give them up.

The good news is that this tool is versatile, and can function alongside other tools that are popular available.

Here’s the way ProWritingAid can be integrated alongside other tools for publishing.

Firefox. Firefox. Chrome browser extension for commenting on blogs. ProWritingAid’s Chrome extension Safari will stop any language mistakes. ProWritingAid is also available for the default browser of Apple.

Google Docs. Google Docs is one of the most convenient writing solutions out there. But, that doesn’t mean that users have to compromise on the power. It’s not possible to utilize ProWritingAid directly if you use the extension for your browser. It’s easy to add the tool to the Google Docs ‘add-on menu’. Pop-ups will help you navigate.

Microsoft Office. ProWritingAid works in conjunction with Microsoft Office’s Word and Outlook products.

Scrivener. Scrivener is a heavyweight software solution for writers who are serious . Scrivener is simple to use, if you’ve taken the time and learned its intricacies.

There is no single best way to create and edit the book. Some writers prefer to edit and write in one software program, while some prefer to change their settings.

The fact that ProWritingAid can be integrated with existing tools writers like, for example Scrivener, is a major positive.

For the application to work, you don’t need to come up with a brand new method of publishing. It works using what you already have.

ProWritingAid’s Pros and Cons

ProWritingAid has numerous advantages, however there are areas where it could be improved.

ProWritingAid’s pros and cons:

Scope. ProWritingAid lets you dig further than the red line of an error in grammar. ProWritingAid will assist you to improve your language skills and develop a love for it.

Value. This tool offers a lot more functionality than other tools and costs a lot less.

Simple. ProWritingAid Online, a Desktop Application or integration with tools You Already Love. Many will love its flexibility and ease-of-use.

ProWritingAid’s pros and cons

Plagiarism. To conduct plagiarism checks with ProWritingAid, you need to spend extra. Consider whether this application is worth the additional cost if plagiarism checking is something you need.

It’s not meant to serve as a mentor. ProWritingAid can do a lot to make writing easier and less stress-inducing. Is ProWritingAid an instructor or tool to help you write? It does not.

No substitute. Do not think of ProWritingAid as some sort of cheater or shortcut. Although ProWritingAid can help you to identify possible areas to improve your writing, it cannot replace the experience and discernment that comes with using these suggestions.

How much does ProWritingAid cost?

ProWritingAid offers limited access to its services for free. Subscriptions at $79 allow unlimited access.

There are a variety of pricing options available depending on the number of years you need the tool. Premium versions can be purchased in various packages.

Here’s how much ProWritingAid will cost you:

Free. ProWritingAid is a version that is restricted that allows only online access and has a limit on word count.

1-Month Premium. $20 for a whole month of Access to Premium.

1-year Premium. $79 for ProWritingAid Premium.

Lifetime. 399 dollars per year for ProWritingAid access

Is ProWritingAid available for free?

For a 14-day trial Contact us for a request ProWritingAid’s free trial.

This is the ideal opportunity to see ProWritingAid in action and decide whether it’s worth the investment.

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Are you sure ProWritingAid right for you?

If you’re looking to automate and enhance your self-editing skills, ProWritingAid is definitely worth your time The features on provide are well-thought-out and valuable to writers. The app’s price is also a big plus point for frugal authors.

What do you want in an instrument for writing?

You’d like to substitute the advice and guidance provided by a human editor? It’s impossible. It is not possible using any software for writing, ProWritingAid, or any other.

ProWritingAid will help make your writing career more enjoyable.