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Grammarly is a comprehensive grammar, writing and spelling checker. It immediately detects and corrects mistakes. ProWritingAid’s Free version is ideal for writers of all levels. ProwritingAid provides an all-in-one tool to check grammar, style, keyword, and other aspects.

It works with any size font. ProWritingAid is available as an unpaid version. This makes it easy to read text and lets you use advanced features that help you work more efficiently and faster. You can make simple sentences more lengthy, increase emphasis to words or alter the word emphasis and remove words that are not needed. Innovative word enrichment tools allow you to create a strong vocabulary. ProwritingAid also offers a vast library of over 500 books, articles and other resources that you can cross reference.

ProWritingAid provides a comprehensive list of English translations and cultural tests. It examines two texts and provides an alternative to the English translation if the first fails grammar tests. ProWritingAid examines punctuation, spelling words, word choice as well as other mistakes. It detects obvious plagiarism, bad writing style, poor arrangement of words, inconsistent sentences within sentences, paragraphs, and other errors. ProWritingAid identifies errors in the information provided, false claims, spelling errors and sentences that do not seem to make sense or sound out of place and other aspects of written communication that have been identified by experts as mistakes.

ProWritingAid is unique because of its unique features. It comes with a free “word-search” feature that allows you search for the exact word you are searching for. ProWritingAid includes a spell checker, which lets users quickly spot spelling mistakes and then replace them with more precise ones. You can also select among different kinds of check writing: word-for-word, bulleted, and precise.

Another great feature of ProWritingAid is the regular reporting of the results that lets you track your progress while you create new documents. ProWritingAid will report on each document you submit using it – regardless of whether it is a paper. It will also report on how many errors you made, the words which were changed, the length of your document was, and whether or not the document meets certain criteria. This is particularly useful if you’re writing a critique or giving a speech, because you’ll be able monitor your performance in the course of the course of time. You’ll be in a position to track your progress and improve your skills with a consistent report.

ProWritingAid can correct Excel errors as well as errors within Microsoft Word documents. The spell checker will spot common spelling and grammar errors in Word and Excel documents and can report on those errors. ProWritingAid can detect typos in HTML files and grammar errors. Combining ProWritingAid’s regular scanning capabilities with ProWritingAid lets you detect errors in nearly every document that you write.


ProWritingAid is more than fixing mistakes in Excel and Microsoft Word documents. ProWritingAid has a writing checker which can spot typos and grammar errors in PowerPoint presentations as well as other documents. ProWritingAid’s grammar-checker tool is easy to read. This software can be used by those who have dyslexia or visual impairments. It can be used to check grammar in Spanish, French French, Italian, German, Portuguese and German. The Grammar and Spelling Checker tool can be used to correct common English writing errors, such as spelling mistakes and mistakes in typing. This can not only help your word processor, but it will also enhance the readability of all your writing.

ProWritingAid also offers a variety of tools that will allow you to edit your writing easy, including spelling and grammar checks. This lets you spot potential mistakes in your documents prior to printing them. ProWritingAid’s “reverser”, which is able to easily correct any incorrect punctuation and “eraser,” allows you to remove specific words or punctuation from your documents. ProWritingAid allows you to convert your documents into PDF (Portable document Format) to allow you to read them on your computer or eBook reader. Ginger Software’s ProWritingAid Pro software bundle also includes spelling and grammar checkers, and special rewriters that help any document be more readable.