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ProWritingAid Review. Will this grammar checker fix your writing problems?

ProWritingAid can help you improve your writing skills and be more effective as a writer by offering an editor for grammar and style. What is it that it does? Would it be a useful tool for you? To find out, I tested it and will breakdown the results in this ProWritingAid Review.

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You’ve probably written anything. They happen to everyone, and they range from simple typos to not being able to find the correct word to so many grammatical nuances it’s difficult to keep track of.

Of course, having an editor or a writing teacher always on hand to correct all errors is ideal. (I am aware of this since I am an editor. It isn’t right, but it’s the truth. There is no substitute for the wisdom and experience of a person who is able to comprehend language and assist you in communicating your thoughts effectively.

If you don’t have the time or budget to pay for an editor, grammar checking software like ProWritingAid is a reasonable alternative.

ProWritingAid: An Editor’s Review

I’ve heard great things about ProWritingAid from writers I believe in. However, I was skeptical as an editor. Could a piece of software really find all the errors in my work? It could be used as an alternative to an editor who is human. Could it be used to assist writers in identifying the flaws in their writing, and allow them to improve their writing?

And i will admit that there was one more concernCould my writing be so flawless, ProWritingAid could not give me any feedback?

ProWritingAid let me test it for myself, and I was extremely satisfied by the results.

Before we start, let me clarify that I wasn’t paid to write this review. But, I would like to be honest and let you know that this review includes affiliate links. ProWritingAid lets me keep writing and provide editing advice. This won’t impact your overall cost and it didn’t affect my decision to buy the software.

ProWritingAid is available here.

What is the overall score? Here are my observations.

ProWritingAid Review: The Basics

Let’s start with a quick overview of ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid’s website describes itself as “a grammar tutor, style editor and mentor in one program.” It’s a writing software that serves as a sophisticated system for spelling, grammar, and style checks.

ProWritingAid is designed for writers, editors, copywriters, students, and others who work in the field. If you’re a novice at writing or are a veteran ProWritingAid has features that will help you improve your writing in every stage.

It’s available in both a free version paid premium version. Of course, in the premium version, you’ll get much more options and assistance.

What features are included? Let’s look at it.

Grammar and Spelling Checkers

This is the cornerstone of all writing software, and ProWritingAid delivers. It has grammar and spelling checkers that are more thorough than Microsoft Word.

A mistake is highlighted in red if it’s spelling, or blue if it’s grammar. My favorite part is the box that pops up whenever you hover over underlined text. This box contains an option to correct the error and a detailed explanation.

There’s also an error-checker that examines all errors it detects and points you to them in a single click. It shouldn’t reveal how many problems it finds as you type. It is possible to switch it off or on at any point.

More than a Dictionary and Thesaurus

The majority of writing instruments come with a built-in dictionary and thesaurus. ProWritingAid makes it more with an online dictionary, as well as a thesaurus and numerous word suggestions tools.

Do you require an appropriate word to fit the bill for your English paper or sentence? Make use of the dictionary and thesaurus to help. Mouse over any word that is underlined to see alternative suggestions.

You are writing poetry and would like to use lyrical lines or to avoid alliteration in important documents? There’s an analysis of alliteration to help you with that.

Do you need to create a compelling new story and avoid using clichés? You will not be able to catch everyone using the redundancy report or the common sense.

Don’t know if the right they, thereor they’re correct? The homonym checker will examine the word you use to identify any mistakes and correct them.

With all these tools you are guaranteed to use the right words at the right moment every time.

Robust Reports on Your Writing

So far, so good. At this point, however I have to admit that I was confident in my ability to the best ProWritingAid as an editor.

ProWritingAid could provide me with an analysis which helped me comprehend the situation.

I’ve already talked about ProWritingAid’s reports, dictionaries, and checkers. They are just the beginning of the many tools ProWritingAid offers.

There are over twenty reports that you can use to analyze your writing. There are a lot of them, but I’ll only highlight a few.

Writing Style Report

After using the grammar and spelling check tools, this might be among the most beneficial reports to quick and easy cleaning up your prose. Writing Style evaluates your writing and suggests changes that may enhance the readability of your writing. It offers information on writing style elements, including:

Passive voice

Hidden verbs

Excessive use of adjectival terms

Repeated sentence starts

It will quickly reveal how you can make minor changes in your writing that will enhance your writing style and create a better experience for readers.

The Word Count Report and Sentence Length Report

Word counters are a standard tool for writing however, the Sentence Length reports are far more effective.

Yes, it can determine how many words and characters are in your document. It will count every word within each sentence, and show the words in a visual. It will display the average length of your sentences, as well as the variations in length. Additionally it will notify you of any unusually long sentences.

Even if you know exactly what you’re trying to convey, it can be difficult for people to grasp your meaning. Sentence length reports are a useful tool to identify confusing lines and help you cut them into smaller pieces.

Three Reports that Beat Repetition

ProWritingAid comes with not just three, but one report to help you identify any repetitive words.

The Overused Words report will mark any words that are overused, or which are so frequently used that they’ll cause readers to take a moment to think. Plus, it will tell the number of instances you need to eliminate them so that they don’t become overused anymore. You can also check how your writing style compares to other published writing.

The All Repeats report can mark words and phrases that contain up to four words that you have used multiple times in your writing. It doesn’t mean that they must be used in excess, but it’s important to know repetitions.

The Echoes report will mark any words or phrases that are repeated close to one another. It will also allow you to find alternative words to break up repeated words.

The Sentence Structure Report

Personally, I find the Sentence Structure report fascinating. This report reviews the way you structure your sentences in order to help you see where you are repeating certain syntax.

For instance, 37 percent of my sentences begin with a subject but none start with the Gerund. This is neither correct or incorrect however it does provide me with a useful guideline on how to increase my writing’s variety.

The Pacing Report

This report is something I didn’t expect, but was thrilled to discover. The Pacing Report is an excellent tool for writers who are creative.

Some backstory is good; too much, and you’ll start to bore your readers. This tool can identify sections of your manuscript that slow the pace so you can see at a glance whether it’s too much or just enough.

The Plagiarism Report

Plagiarism is a major issue for authors. The Plagiarism Report can help to put your mind at ease. ProWritingAid has scanned millions of books, articles and academic papers and will examine your writing for any patterns that are found in other documents.

The Plagiarism checker, unlike other ProWritingAid report types, is not included in the Premium version. Premium Plus allows you to purchase 50 Plagiarism Checks each year.

The House Report

Are you writing for an organisation with a stylebook for the house? ProWritingAid can help you identify patterns and rules for your writing.

The House report is customizable to your liking. ProWritingAid can create reports by telling you what it is supposed to be analyzing.

Examine the Content of Your Heart

ProWritingAid offers nine reports, which I’ve already discussed, but this is just a small portion of what the tool can do. would encourage you to take a look at the full list and sign up for a trial to see what it could offer you.

These reports let you be as thorough as you like when it comes to writing analysis. The Readability report will give you an in-depth analysis of the readability of your writingIt is also possible to pinpoint any inconsistencies using the Consistency or Grammar reports.

No matter what kind of writing you’re doing, you can find a report to help you improve your piece and improve your writing skills.

Where can you use ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid lets you access the editor from within the site. The editor tool lets writers to write their own drafts or duplicate it from another document.

There is no requirement to visit the ProWritingAid website. plugin is available to download that allows ProWritingAid’s analysis of writing into your preferred word software.

You can also install the Chrome extension and get your own writing coach that will follow you on the internet. You don’t have to worry about typos in your status updates on Facebook!

ProWritingAid free vs. Premium

What’s inside the box? What will you receive when you sign up for ProWritingAid?

Here’s a breakdown of free versus premium versions.

ProWritingAid Premium – ProWritingAid free

Online Version-Only Access to Desktop Application

Can process up to 500 words at a time. Can examine full length documents at once

25 Writing Reports 25 Writing

Word Explorer tools: Limited Results

Integration with MS Word, Google Docs, Chrome, and Scrivener

Real Time Grammar Score and Style Score

Join to receive ProWritingAid here.

The trial version of ProWritingAid is a great starting point. The premium version provides more flexibility and greater capacity for my personal needs.

What is the process to become premium? ProWritingAid offers a subscription service. You can select how many years you’d like to join or join all of them with lifetime access.

1 Year $ 60

2 Year $90

3 Year $120

Lifetime $110

Sign up to get ProWritingAid today.

ProWritingAid also has a 14-day return policy. You can cancel your subscription anytime within 2 weeks if you decide that it’s not the right fit for you, and get an entire refund. ProWritingAid will only issue one refund to each customer.

The Editor’s Disclaimer

Here’s a caveat I believe is crucial to mention in any discussion about grammar checkers and writing instruments.

Grammar checkers can assist you to find the issues with your writing and offer possible solutions. ProWritingAid is exceptionally adept at understanding context and usage and recommending the best solutions. However, ProWritingAid is an grammar checker that will help you understand the context and recommend the right solutions. It is your choice to reject suggestions that don’t work.

No matter which grammar software you choose to employ, if the information it suggests is changed it will introduce new mistakes in your writing. Grammar checkers can’t substitute for a professional editor in this way.

However, they can help you to write editing your writing. ProWritingAid offers so many useful tools, that go beyond grammar checking.

The verdict is: Would you recommend this editor ProWritingAid to you?

Let me be honest. I was skeptical. believe in the value of having a skilled editor. am of the opinion that there is no replacement for human interaction, despite all the ProWritingAid reports.

ProWritingAid was awe-inspiring. This is my ProWritingAid review. It’s a tremendously useful instrument for writers at all stage.

You are ready to give ProWritingAida a test and see if it improves your writing.

If you’re just beginning to write, not sure how to find the grammar mistakes you’ve made or want to improve your English proficiency ProWritingAid’s grammar and spelling checkers will help you find issues, correct them and help you avoid them in the future.

ProWritingAid’s strong style and word-selection tools will help you refine your writing style.

encourage you to re-examine your writing If you’re like me and believe you have more knowledge than what a writing tool could. am awed by the precise breakdown of my writing sentence by sentence, word by word. ProWritingAid identifies patterns I didn’t see in my writing, so I can discern my style more clearly and adjust as I like.

ProWritingAid provides the right feedback to provide you with the help you need.

Do you want to give it an attempt?