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Automatic Text Analysis

ProWritingAid automatically analyzes your text based on different statistics and its own algorithms. These analyses are based in established guidelines for good writing that can be evaluated. These rules are measurable for example, the use of adverbs sparingly. These rules are important when you are looking to improve your writing. ProWritingAid helps make the rules visible.

The Realtime feature allows you to quickly go through a document. It will allow you to correct any grammar, spelling or style mistakes.

After you have corrected these mistakes After you have fixed these errors, you can proceed to the individual reports and edit more in detail. These reports allow you to look at the word choices, sentence structure, repeated words, and other details. You can also run a Summary Report to find out the areas you should focus on to achieve the greatest improvement in the shortest amount of time:

How to Use it

ProWritingAid can be downloaded in many formats. You can use the Web Editor to edit your documents. The browser extensions let you fix grammar issues quickly on sites like Twitter, WordPress and Gmail. The Word add-ins are compatible with Windows or Mac which allow you to directly to edit the content of your Word documents.

Today, we will focus on the Desktop App that can be used to work with Ulysses documents.

ProWritingAid.com registration required for you to use this tool. There are several ways to use Ulysses documents as well as ProWritingAid. Ulysses authors can use the online Web Editor for free or download the desktop application. Premium licenses are required to edit more than 500 words simultaneously or to utilize the desktop application.

The desktop application is capable of reading and writing eight file types, including Markdown. Markdown File is a way to export Ulysses text. You can then make use of ProWritingAid for editing and bring it back to your Ulysses library. This is fast and easyBut, you aren’t able to save images and other sheet attachments, such as writing goals. After a few hours of playing around using the app, I discovered the following method to be suitable for my workflow:

Start ProWritingAid. Create Markdown files. Markdown file.

Open your Ulysses sheet and choose the text section. Next, use the Edit menu’s “Copy as Markdown” command.

Paste into ProWritingAid.

Now go one by one through the reports, and edit within ProWritingAid.

Copy and select the edited text after you are finished.

Copy the text from the original passage to the Ulysses sheet.

The Reports

ProWritingAid reports display your text highlighted. When moving your cursor over an underlined passage, you’ll get an explanation or suggestion. Select a suggestion and you’ll be presented with a list of possibilities for solutions. Click on a suggestion, e.g.

Each report includes a brief explanation and a link to take you to more information on the subject. I’ll explain the report in more detail with some examples that will provide you with an idea.

Writing Style The purpose of this report is to assist you in improving your writing skillswhich is based on various rules for good writing. This report, for instance will identify the passive voice that is present in your textActive voice sentences are more readable to read. Writing Style Check also identifies repetitions in sentences and offers ways to improve the readability of your text.

Overused words checked This report contains words that are so frequently used in everyday living that they have almost lost all significance. ProWritingAid might not be able detect the frequency with which you use excessively.

Check the length of sentences

Texts that have sentences with different lengths can make texts more interesting to read. This report visualizes the length of your sentences as a bar graph, so you can see at a glance if there’s room to improve. In addition, it highlights long sentences which could make the text difficult to understand.


ProWritingAid provides an online tool that’s completely free. While it’s less user-friendly and does not provide all the reports available, it can help you get a first impression. It is possible to purchase an upgrade membership that permits you to use the desktop application and many additional features for just $79/year, or $399 for a lifetime license. ProWritingAid lets you take your time, and it offers a 14-day refund assurance.

Final Thoughts

ProWritingAid isn’t designed to replace the human editor. It focuses on the most important elements of a document and does an extensive job. It is still necessary edit your text by yourself, but ProWritingAid will help you improve the process and speed it up.