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ProWritingAid, Grammarly and Grammarly are the two most widely used writing programs available on the Internet. Each program has its strengths and weaknesses, but what is the difference? These programs will teach you how to write professional-looking articles, stories, ebooks or book reports. These programs will help you learn to write better.

Pro WritingAid differs from Grammarly in that Grammarly is a word-processing tool, while Grammarly can be used to edit text. ProWritingAid focuses more on long term content while Grammarly can handle shorter articles, blogs and short forms. Grammarly is more focused on grammar and spelling than ProWritingAid. When I was looking for an article editing software program, I was interested in seeing which one had these two greatest features. I wanted to find out if it could solve my writing issues, but I also wanted to avoid making me look stupid while I write.

After trying several different word processors and grammar software, I decided to give ProWritingAid a try. It’s a fantastic product. It has many great features such as the ability auto-correct spelling and grammar mistakes, the ability replace words by synonyms, correct punctuation or grammar, the ability arrange paragraphs and to insert HTML links. It also offers an amazing free trial, so that you can check out all the features before deciding whether or not to purchase the full version. The add-on extension allows you to personalize the operation and improve its effectiveness. The add-on extension provides word filters, synonyms as well as conjugation tables, thesaurus, etc.

My grammar checker corrected my tense, tenses, and one of the most important aspects. It also marked the beginning of each sentence. This is vital for proofreading. Because it marked the end and beginning of those sentences, it didn’t matter that the sentences were written passively. It was only important that I knew the correct tenses.

Pro WritingAid’s stickiness is another wonderful feature that I love. Pro WritingAid’s stickiness made it impossible to erase. I can’t count the number of times I have had to rewrite paragraphs. Pro WritingAid almost got deleted from my computer after I accidentally rewrote one sentence. This is just one example of the way Pro WritingAid makes proofreading and editing so easy. Pro WritingAid provides five different types of word processing. This is another way Pro WritingAid can improve your writing. You can choose from italic, inverse, direct, or regular style.

Perhaps the biggest feature of Pro WritingAid that I found interesting was its Windows Emulator application. Windows Emulator allows for editing in Microsoft Word and in the Pro WritingAid Mac App. Pro WritingAid allows you to export files if the Mac application is used. Scribd format allows you to edit in both formats at once. It also allows you to edit in text from Excel or other word processing apps on your laptop, regardless of which computer you happen to be using at the time. Pro WritingAid’s greatest selling point is its ability to integrate the Windows Emulator into any other application.

One of the coolest features of Pro WritingAid is its built-in support for the Scribd PDF format. An article can be saved to either a PDF file or a Scribd one. This is similar with other Scrivener applications. Pro WritingAid Desktop App was a better choice than trying to learn a new program. I appreciated the built-in compatibility between Pro WritingAid and other apps. Pro WritingAid only requires minimum computer requirements for exporting articles, photos, documents.

Pro WritingAid had the greatest benefit for me. I could edit from anywhere without even having to get up. I cannot count how many times I would lose a draft because I couldn’t see the next paragraph. Pro WritingAid allows me to pull out my screen right away and make any necessary changes. This is a major selling point, as it’s much easier than other apps. Pro WritingAid is the best app to use if your situation calls for you to examine what’s going on with your write up, and not trying to figure out why.