ProWritingAid Cheap

ProWritingAid is an internet application that allows you to quickly proofread any piece of written material. The most commonly used proofreading applications are proofreaders like Microsoft Word and Quizilla. Each one of these applications has a specific function and is capable of catching more errors than the other. Many online proofreaders claim that they can catch more errors than the others, but only a few websites can say this with certainty. In this article I want to compare ProwritingAid to its competitors so that you can decide for yourself.

  • ProWritingAid has an added feature that lets you see a list of mistakes in your written work. Most proofreaders only concentrate on catching errors in spelling, grammar and tense but ProwritingAid has a lot of other useful features. ProwritingAid is basically a desktop application, which you can drag and drop files from your hard drive onto to the application to check for any grammatical or syntactical errors in your written work.
  • This is a personal favorite. Grammarly also allows you to check your written work for grammatical errors but its best feature is that you can also view an outline or definition of the word you found. Unlike most word processors Pro WritingAid offers you two main views. The first view allows you to simply highlight the sentence you want to check for any grammatical errors. The second view allows you to go into detail and find out more information about the sentence, example usage and context. There are other tools available on the market that offer similar functions but none has all the extra features Pro WritingAid offers.
  • Another very useful feature is the ability to get instant suggestions. The biggest problem with most software programs is that after you save a document you are unable to edit it again until later unless you remove all the unsaved changes to the document. Fortunately with Pro WritingAid you can make as many changes as you want to a document while the software is processing it. This makes editing documents a breeze. The grammar checker tool can also offer suggestions as Pro WritingAid is connected to a mobile app that sends you the most relevant and recent word usage trends.
  • This is probably one of the biggest drawbacks to any online editor. If you mess up a document you’re unable to correct it on the fly. You can’t correct spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos and poor grammar unless you are able to access the online editor.

A word of advice here though – ProWritingAid offers far better editing tool options than other similar products. The biggest disadvantage to this is the fact that you need to install the Pro WritingAid Chrome Extension in order to use the suggested suggestions. The good side is that Pro WritingAid comes with an integrated storage system where you can save documents for future reference. It also integrates with the best grammar checker tools available. In addition, the biggest drawback to Pro WritingAid is that it only offers suggestion suggestions in English. If your purpose is to write in another language, you will need to purchase an appropriate translation package.

Pro WritingAid’s biggest pros and cons are overshadowed by its biggest drawbacks. First, Pro WritingAid doesn’t have an online editor. If you are looking for instant feedback on your document you won’t like this. Second, Pro WritingAid doesn’t have an integrated storage system where you can store documents for reference later. Third, Pro WritingAid doesn’t offer advanced grammar and spelling checker tools which can be useful. Finally, although Pro WritingAid has an integrated storage system, it lacks some important features such as the track back, previewing options, and the password protection of a full-featured online editor.

Overall, Pro WritingAid is still a good product and although it does have some shortcomings, it is still well worth purchasing. One of the major advantages of using a grammar check tool like Pro WritingAid is the time you save. Many professional writers say that they would never write without these tools and the majority of internet writing courses recommend that you use some sort of grammar and proofreading tool before submitting your work to the internet. Although it may be difficult to find an online editor that can be depended upon 100%, Pro WritingAid definitely meets that mark.