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ProWritingAid Review: Can This Grammar Checker Fix Your Writing Issues?

ProWritingAid can help you improve your writing abilities and become more effective as a writer by offering a grammar and style editor. What is it that works? Does it work? To find out, I tested it and will break it down in this ProWritingAid Review.

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If you’ve ever had to write a piece of writingyou’ll know that mistakes are inevitable. They happen to everyone and range from simple typos to not finding the right word, to so many grammatical nuances it’s difficult to keep the track of.

good editor or teacher of writing is the ideal. (I admit that I am an editor so it is possible that I am biased. But, it is true. There’s no replacing the knowledge and expertise of a, live human who understands how language works and who can assist you in communicating your ideas in the best way that you can.

If you don’t have access or don’t want to hire an editor to revise your Facebook messages or emails, ProWritingAid grammar checking software is a reasonable option.

ProWritingAid: An Editor’s Review

ProWritingAid is highly recommended by writers I believe in. However, I was skeptical as an editor. Could a piece of software detect all my errors? Can it be used as a replacement for editors who are human? Could it assist writers to identify and fix the problems in their writing and grow in their craft?

Und ich will also acknowledge that I had a second concernCould my writing be flawless, ProWritingAid could not give me any feedback?

ProWritingAid was a program I wanted to test and try to test.

Before we start I want to be clear that I was not paid to write this review. However, I also want to be transparent and inform you that this article includes affiliate hyperlinks. If you sign to join ProWritingAid this will allow me be able to keep writing and sharing editing advice. It will not impact your overall purchase price. I also didn’t decide to join ProWritingAid, because, as I mentioned, I am starting with skepticism.

ProWritingAid is available on this site.

What is the best way to stack it? Here’s what I’ve discovered.

ProWritingAid Review. The Basics

Let’s first take a look at ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid promises to be “a grammar expert and style editor in the same package”. It is a piece writing software that acts as a complex grammar checker and spell checkers.

ProWritingAid is a tool for editors, students, writers, and copywriters. If you’re a novice at writing or a seasoned author, it includes features that can give your writing a boost in every stage.

It’s available in both the free and premium version. Premium users will get more options and support.

What are its features? Let’s look at it.

Grammar and Spelling Checkers

ProWritingAid is a great example of this. It offers more detail than Microsoft Word’s grammar and spelling checkers.

A mistake is highlighted in red if it’s spelling, or blue if it’s grammar. My favorite feature here is that when you mouse over the underlined text the box appears up with not only a suggested correction but as well an explanation of the reason why this correction is suggested in the first place.

It also has an error-checker which examines all errors it finds and directs you to them with a single click. It does not show the number of issues you have written. You can toggle it off or on at any time.

More than a Dictionary and Thesaurus

Most writing software comes with a built-in dictionary or thesaurus. ProWritingAid adds a dictionary as well a thesaurus and numerous word suggestions tools.

You are searching for the perfect word for your English paper, but you don’t know where to start? Make use of the dictionary or thesaurus to find the ideal word for your English paper. Click on any underlined word to view a list of alternative suggestions.

Are you writing poetry and want to incorporate lyrical lines, or to avoid alliteration in important documents? Alliteration analysis can be found to help you with this.

You’re trying to write a great new story, but you need to be sure that you aren’t using a lot of clichés. They’ll be caught by the redundancy and cliches report.

Is it unclear if you’ve used them, their or their? The homonym-check will analyze your word usage, and correct any misspelled words.

With these tools, you’ll be able to use the right word at the right time every time.

Robust Reports on Your Writing

So far, so good. must admit that I was confident in my ability as an editor to make ProWritingAid the most effective.

ProWritingAid was able to provide analysis which helped me comprehend the situation.

Below I listed several ProWritingAid reports, dictionaries and checkers. These tools are only a small part of what ProWritingAid offers.

There are a myriad of reports that can be used to analyze your writing in various ways. They are all available, but I’ll only mention a handful.

Writing Style Report

This report, along with the grammar and spelling tools, is one of the most useful reports you can use to swiftly and efficiently tidy up your prose. Writing Style report Writing Style report assesses your writing and suggests modifications that can enhance the readability of your writing. It will help you identify writing style elements such as:

Passive voice

Hidden verbs

Use of adverbs too often

Repetition of sentence starting points

It will quickly show you how you can make minor adjustments in your writing that enhance your writing style and create more enjoyable reading experience for your the readers.

The Word Count Report and Sentence Length Report

Although many writing tools offer word counters for their users however, the Sentence Length Report is more effective.

Yes, it can determine the number of words and characters that are contained in your document. But it will also count every word in each sentence and show the words in a dazzling visual. It will show you how long each sentence is, what the average sentence length is, and warn you when sentences are too long.

When you know the meaning behind what you’re trying to convey, it can be hard to discern what readers will not comprehend. Sentence length reports can be a useful tool to identify confusing lines and help you break them down.

Three Reports to Combat Repetition

ProWritingAid offers three reports to assist you in identifying frequent words.

The Overused Words report marks any words that are frequently used, and will make readers take a break. Additionally, it will inform the number of instances you need to eliminate them so that they don’t become overused anymore. It will even compare your style to other writing published so that you can see how your style stacks up against other similar works.

The All Repeats report marks words and phrases that are longer than four words which appear in your text. It’s not necessary to be used all the time however it is helpful to track the words you’re repeating.

The Echoes report will highlight any words or phrases that are repeated close to one another. It will also suggest other words to break the monotony.

The Sentence Structure Report

The Sentence Structure report is a fascinating one for me. It reviews every way you organize your sentences so that you’ll be able to identify where you’re using the same syntax.

For example, 37% begin my sentences with the word “subjectHowever my sentences do not begin with a gerund. This isn’t a problem however it provides me with an idea of how I can improve the diversity of my writing.

The Pacing Report

This is the kind report I was expecting and so glad to have discovered it. The Pacing Report is a great tool for creative writers.

Some backstory is good; too much, and you’ll begin to bore your reader. This tool will help you identify sections in your writing that slow the speedYou can then see quick if the pace is enough or not enough.

The Plagiarism Report

Plagiarism is a long-standing issue for writers. Our Plagiarism report can help to alleviate your worries. ProWritingAid can scan millions of articles and academic papersThe software will examine your writing and find any lines from other documents.

Unlike other ProWritingAid reports, the Plagiarism checker isn’t part of the standard Premium package. For fifty plagiarism checks per annum, you can upgrade to Premium Plus or purchase the checks as often as you’d like.

The House Report

Are you writing for an organisation that has a house stylebook ProWritingAid can help you identify patterns and rules for your writing.

The House Report is a ready-to-use report you are able to modify to make your own. ProWritingAid can create a report by telling you how it should be analyzing.

Analyze Your Heart’s Content

I’ve listed nine ProWritingAid’s reports above however that’s only half of what this tool can accomplish. You should take a look at the entire list or sign up for an initial trial for free to test the program.

These reports allow you to get as detailed as you want in your writing analysis. The Readability report will give you an in-depth look at readabilityIt is also possible to pinpoint any inconsistencies using the Consistency or Grammar reports.

No matter what genre of writing, there are reports to help you refine and improve your writing.

Where to use ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid can be used directly on the ProWritingAid Website. Edit your text directly through the ProWritingAid siteCopy and paste it from an other document.

There is no requirement to visit the ProWritingAid website. It is possible to install a plugin to allow ProWritingAid to analyse your writing using any word processing programincluding Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Scrivener.

The Chrome extension can be downloaded, and your personal writing tester will be following you on the web. There’s no need to fret about spelling mistakes in Facebook status updates.

ProWritingAid Vs. Premium

What’s the catch? What are you getting when you sign-up to ProWritingAid

Here’s an overview of premium and free versions.

ProWritingAid Premium ProWritingAid ProWritingAid

Online Version Only Access to Desktop Application

Can analyse up to 500 words in a minute.. Can also analyze entire length documents at once

25 Writing Reports 25

Only a few results for Word Explorer tools Full Range of Results for Word Explorer tools

Integration with MS Word, Google Docs, Chrome, and Scrivener

Real Time Grammar and Style Score

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The free version of ProWritingAid is a good place to start. Personally, I enjoy the versatility and capacity of the premium version.

What is the cost to be premium? ProWritingAid utilizes a subscription model. You have the option to decide how long you wish to stay with ProWritingAid, or even get lifetime access.

60$ for 1

2 Year $90

3 Year $120

$210 for Lifetime

Sign up to get ProWritingAid today.

ProWritingAid offers a 14-day refund policy. You are able to cancel your subscription in two weeks if you’re not happy with the services. ProWritingAid provides only one refund per customerBe sure to confirm your identity prior to signing up again!

The Editor’s Caveat

Let me add a caveat to this debate: Grammar tools and checkers are important.

Grammar checkers can assist you to identify problems in your writing and suggest possible solutions. ProWritingAid is a masterful job at analyzing the context and use of words and offering the most effective solutions. While ProWritingAid is able to be used as a grammar-checker, it is still advised to carefully review each suggestion and ensure that you reject any that are not helpful.

Whatever grammar checker you select, if you blanket accept any suggestion for change it will bring new mistakes into your writing. Grammar checkers aren’t intended to replace editors.

However, they can help you to write an edited piece of writing. And ProWritingAid’s features go so far beyond grammar checkers, I believe it’s a useful tool for all writers.

The conclusion: Would this editor recommend ProWritingAid to you?

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. am convinced of the value of a good editor. I am not convinced that ProWritingAid can substitute for human interaction.

ProWritingAid was amazing. This is my ProWritingAid review. It’s a tremendously helpful tool for writers of any stage.

Give ProWritingAid A Try and see how it improves Your Writing!

ProWritingAid’s spell- and grammar-checkers will help you identify mistakes and correct the mistakes.

ProWritingAid’s powerful style tools and word choice tools can aid you in improving your writing style.

If you’re like me and think you’ve learned more than a simple writing tool can teach you, I encourage you to take another look. It’s amazing to see the detail of my writing, sentence-by-sentence and word-by-word. ProWritingAid can identify patterns I didn’t notice in my writing, so that I can better comprehend and modify my style.

ProWritingAid provides the ideal solution for you.

Do you want to give it your best shot?