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Here’s the big picture, but in case you only want the details, here’s my in-depth review of ProWritingAid and how you can get a ProWritingAid coupon or discount code for your subscription.

Advantage of ProWritingAid

  • You’ll be able to improve your writing skills.
  • Makes recommendations regarding grammar and reading ability.
  • No matter what your writing style is (academic or informal), it will be respected.
  • You can use it with almost any program that you use to write (Google Docs, Microsoft Word for PC, Scrivener, etc.).
  • You can choose from more than 20 reports to meet your writing needs.
  • Both writers of short stories and authors of long stories will enjoy this book.
  • As well as being affordable, it provides excellent quality.


  • There is a learning curve associated with online writing.
  • There is a limit of 500 words in the Free version
  • iOS and Android apps are not available
  • Integrations are not as easy with ProWritingAid as they are with Grammarly.
  • In summary, ProWritingAid is a great tool I use for all my writing projects. Its integrations, low price, and detailed reports help me improve all aspects of my writing, from grammar and style to flow and everything in between. In addition to Grammarly, ProWritingAid has a lot to offer. In my comparison, ProWritingAid is better in nearly all areas (Note: This is part of a series on editing and its benefits to writers).
  • A human editor cannot be replaced by ProWritingAid. I still find it an incredibly useful tool to aid in improving my word choice and writing style and to ensure that no inadvertent plagiarism occurs.
  • Whether I’m writing an article for IPR Education or editing a book, this process is crucial to my editing process.

What is ProWritingAid?

The ProWritingAid software offers online editing and proofreading services. The program consists of a grammar checker, plagiarism detection, writing coach, and overall editing tool.

Writers can use ProWritingAid with almost any browser or software, including Chrome, Google Docs, Scrivener and Scrivener Pro.

ProWritingAid describes itself as a “grammar expert, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.” It can improve your grammar and writing skills.

You should avoid clunky or “stitchy” sentences that disrupt the flow of your writing

  • Consistency between past and present tense usage
  • Readability
  • Sentences and words that are empty or ambiguous
  • Duplicate words or phrases
  • Passive voice use

Among ProWritingAid’s main features are a grammar and spelling checker, suggestions for replacing weak words/phrases, as well as reports for improving your writing quality. The price of ProWritingAid is reasonable for a program that gives you strong grammar and editing features.

ProWritingAid can be integrated with:

  • Safari
  • Firefox Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Office includes Outlook and Microsoft Word.
  • Google Docs
  • OpenOffice
  • ProWritingAid Premium (and Plus) vs. ProWritingAid FREE

The editing tool provided by ProWritingAid is available in a variety of paid and free options. Although the free version is mostly a demo, casual writers can still use it as a great writing tool.

The premium version, however, offers additional features at a higher price. They have a Premium Plus plan that allows you to detect plagiarism as well.

ProWritingAid Free Trial

  • You can now try ProWritingAid online for free
  • Online web apps are the only way to go
  • It’s suggested that you keep reports to a maximum of 500 words per report (this does not apply to spelling, grammar, style, etc.)
  • Check your writing with live grammar and style correction (scores are updated as you edit).
  • It returns limited results when using Word Explorer
  • A privacy guarantee is in place (PWA not allowed to access your writings without your permission)

ProWritingAid Premium Edition

Among the premium features offered by ProWritingAid are:

  • The free version includes all features
  • Scrivener integration allows access to the desktop application
  • Analysis of long texts, such as novels
  • All the features of Word Explorer are available
  • Writing books and other writing resources in a Writer’s Resource library

ProWritingAid Coupons/Discount

In what ways can ProWritingAid Coupons help you?

Its valued customers receive exclusive deals and discounts from ProWritingAid. To take advantage of these special offers, you’ll need ProWritingAid coupons.

Applying the ProWritingAid discount code

  • Step 1. Add a ProWritingAid product to the cart.
  • Step 2: Check out the checkout page
  • Step 3: Enter the Coupon Code for your ProWritingAid account in both the Gift Cards and Promotional Codes fields.
  • Step 4: Verify if the coupon has been applied to the total amount. Continue on to step 4 after you’ve selected your product.