ProWritingAid In Open Office

Automatic Text Analysis

ProWritingAid performs an automated analysis of your written text using various statistics and its own algorithm. The analyses are based on the established rules for good writing that can actually be measured, e.g. To use adverbs sparingly and to use fewer transitions. If you’re committed to writing effectively and are a serious writer, you’ll likely attempt to follow these rules in your head. ProWritingAid makes them easily visible.

Realtime is an excellent tool to accelerate the process of working through documents.

After you have eliminated these mistakes Once you have eliminated these mistakes, you’ll be able to move on to the individual report to make deeper edits. These reports allow you to examine your word choices, sentence structure, repeated words, and other details. To determine the areas where you need to concentrate for the greatest results in the shortest period of time, run the Summary Report.

How to Use It

ProWritingAid has many different formats. Their Web Editor can be used to edit documents in your browser. You can also make use of their extensions for your browser to correct any grammar issues on websites like Twitter or WordPress. Word addins allow users to edit directly Word documents on Windows and Mac.

Today we will focus on their Desktop App that is fantastic to work with your Ulysses files.

You’ll have to sign up on in order to use the tool. You have several options to work using Ulysses documents. Ulysses authors can use the web-based Web Editor for free or download the desktop software. To edit over 500 words at a time or use the desktop app you’ll require a premium license.

The desktop application supports eight file types, including Markdown. Markdown File can be used to export Ulysses text. ProWritingAid will then edit the text and then you can then import it to Ulysses to further process. It’s fast and easy however you can’t save images or sheet attachments such as writing goals. After some play using the app, it was a great fit for my workflow.

Start ProWritingAid. Create a Markdown file.

Visit your Ulysses file, select a passage of text, and then use “Copy Markdown” command in the Edit menu.

Paste into ProWritingAid.

Then, go through each report one by one and edit within ProWritingAid.

Once you’re finished, click and copy the text you edited.

Paste back to your Ulysses sheet, replacing the previous version of the text passage, and using the “Paste from Markdown” option from the Edit menu.

The Reports

ProWritingAid reports will reveal any flaws you may have in your text. You can click on the underlined area to get the explanation or suggestion. Click on a suggestion that is applicable, e.g. It is possible to make use of a synonym or simpler word to accomplish the task.

Each report comes with a brief explanation and a link to take you to more detailed details on the topic. Let me give you an example that will help you understand what I mean.

Writing Style The report can help you improve your writing skillsIt is based on a variety of rules that are good for writing. This report, for instance will identify passive voice in your writingActive voice sentences are more readable to read. Writing Style Check also suggests improvements to readability.

Overused words checked This report lists words that are so commonly used in daily living that they have virtually lost their significance. ProWritingAid can help you identify the words that are used to excessive extent.

Check your sentences

Texts that contain sentences of various lengths are more readable. This report displays your sentence lengths in bar graphs, so that you can see quickly if you need to work on improving. In addition, it highlights long sentences which can make a text more difficult to comprehend.


ProWritingAid offers an online tool that’s free. This tool is not as user-friendly, and doesn’t provide the full range of reports availableHowever, it may suffice to create an impression. Premium memberships allow you to use the desktop app as well as add-ons, and are priced beginning at $79 per year and $399 for lifetime licensing. ProWritingAid provides a 14-day money back guarantee that you will be satisfied with your decision.

Final Thoughts

ProWritingAid can’t (and isn’t intended to) substitute for a human editor. The tool highlights particular measurable aspects of a text and does a thorough job. Although you’ll still have edit the text by yourself, ProWritingAid will make this quicker and easier.