ProWritingAid Misses Sentence Boundaries

Automatic Text Analysis

ProWritingAid analyzes your text using a variety of metrics and its own algorithms. The analyses are based on established guidelines for writing that can be evaluated. To use adverbs sparingly and to make use of less transitions. These rules will be more or less apparent when you are writing effectively. ProWritingAid makes the rules visible.

Realtime is a great tool to speed up the process of working on documents.

Once those errors are gone, you can move on to individual reports to edit in depth. The reports let you look at the sentences, word choices repetition of words, as well as other details. The Summary Report can be used to pinpoint where to concentrate your efforts to make improvements within the shortest amount of time.

How to Use It

ProWritingAid is available in a variety of formats. Their Web Editor allows you to edit documents from your browser. They also include browser extensions that let you to quickly fix grammar problems on sites like Twitter, WordPress, Gmail, Facebook and Facebook. Additionally, you can edit your Word documents with their Word add-ins that are available for Windows as well as Mac.

However, today we will be focusing on the Desktop App, which can be used to work with Ulysses documents. registration is necessary to access the tool. There are several ways that Ulysses documents may be used and ProWritingAid is a great tool to use. Ulysses writers may choose to use the online Web Editor or download the desktop application. You’ll need a premium licence to edit more 500 words simultaneously and use the desktop app.

The desktop program is able to read and write 8 types of files, with Markdown as one. It is possible to export Ulysses text to Markdown File. Then, you can edit it with ProWritingAid and then add it to your Ulysses library for further processing. This is fast and convenient, with the only drawback that you can’t keep the sheet and images like writing goals. After a few minutes of playing with the app, this worked well for me and my workflow.

Start ProWritingAid and then create a new Markdown file.

Visit the Ulysses file, select a passage of text, and then use “Copy a Markdown” option from the Edit menu.

Paste into ProWritingAid.

Now go through each report and then edit it in ProWritingAid.

When you’re done, select and copy the edited text.

Paste the text back onto your Ulysses sheet, replacing the previous version of the text passage and using the “Paste from Markdown” option from the Edit menu.

The Reports

In each ProWritingAid report, the issues found in your text appear underlined. If you move your cursor over a text that is underlined and you’ll receive an explanation and/or recommendation. Select a suggestion to see a list of possibilities for solutions. You can make use of a synonym or simpler term to make it work.

The reports provide a brief explanation as well as a link to extensive information about the subject. To help you understand, I’ll provide examples and more information.

Writing Style Audit This report can help you improve your writing. This report can assist you in identifying the use of passive voice within your textThe sentences that are active voice are more engaging and easy to comprehend. Writing Style Check highlights repeated sentence starts and offers suggestions for improvements to reading comprehension.

Overused Words: This article explores the meaning behind words that are utilized frequently in daily life that they are almost meaningless. It is impossible to always avoid them, but ProWritingAid will tell you the instances where you’ve used them to excessive.

Check the length of sentences

Texts with sentences of varied lengths are more enjoyable to read. This report will visualize your sentence lengths as a bar chart, so you can quickly see if there are areas for improvement. In addition, it highlights lengthy sentences that can make a text more difficult to comprehend.


ProWritingAid provides an online tool that is completely free. Although it is less user-friendly and doesn’t provide access to all reports, it could be useful for creating an initial impression. Premium memberships can be purchased at a price of $79 for a calendar year, and $399 for a lifetime license. ProWritingAid offers a 14-day guarantee that you will be satisfied with your decision.

Final Thoughts

ProWritingAid cannot (and isn’t intended to) substitute for a human editor. It highlights certain elements of text and does a thorough job. Although you’ll still have to edit the text you write, ProWritingAid can speed up the process and improve it.