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What is ProWritingAid and what exactly does it do?

ProWritingAid is a great site that provides a variety of useful functions. The tool not only has specific features to help improve your writing, but also offers analytical reports that allow you to look more closely at your writing.

This program is more than just spell and grammar check. It looks at many aspects of writing, such as style, readability, repetition and other factors.

ProWritingAid How to Improve Your Writing

Do you feel like you’re a victim of marketing hype?

It’s easy to be enthralled by clever marketing strategies and place too much faith in the product.

It is especially true when the creators of a product make huge claims about their products. ProWritingAid’s creators claim that they can assist you to “achieve new heights” with their app. They claim it is an editor of style and grammar, writing mentor and writing coach all in one. If you have had the experience of trying to find a reliable editor or writing mentor then you’ll know there are not many. ProWritingAid promises too much, claiming to offer all of these things.

Let’s look beyond the words that is used to explain the benefits, and consider the tangible effects it has on the writing you do.

It doesn’t matter if you are using ProWritingAid on the web or as a browser-based plugin, or on your desktop The user experience remains identical regardless of how it is employed.

Three methods ProWritingAid Online can be used Go to the ProWritingAid Website and log into the program via any device connected to the internet.

Browser plugin: Download this browser plugin and it will work in the background as you type in your browser.

Desktop app: You can download the desktop application to open the program from your browser. This allows you to check your writing without having open the browser.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to utilize ProWritingAid

Simply paste your writing in ProWritingAid.

Analyze your work.

Review the reports you receive to understand how your writing could be improved.

What kind of feedback does ProWritingAid provide you? How can it assist you in becoming an even better writer.

closer review of the report

ProWritingAid will analyze the work you’ve written in 20 different ways. Automated feedback is provided on the following aspects.

Below is a listing of more than 20 elements included in the report.

#1 – Writing Style

Software cannot really evaluate style because it is subjective.

#2 – Grammar

Sometimes we become so focused on the idea that we want to communicate using our language that it loses sight of the grammatical guidelines it must adhere to. ProWritingAid can not only detect grammar mistakes however, it can also teach you the underlying rules so you can deepen your understanding.

#3 – Words that are overused

We are subjective and creative creatures, so we don’t recognize the flaws that are common to our work. Every writer has a set number of words that they use frequently and don’t understand why. The tool can identify which words you are using too frequently, and help you consider other options.

#4  Cliche and redundant language

ProWritingAid will look at redundant language stylistic choices. The app will identify any potential cliches in your work and warn you if they are.

#5 – Glue Words

ProWritingAid analyzes words like “and,” “in,”, and ‘of’ to be glue words – they ensure a sentence sticks together, but don’t particularly enrich the sentence. Identify how many glue words you’re employing and decide if any of them can be eliminated to create more concise sentences.

#6 – Readability Statistics

ProWritingAid allows you to determine the Flesch Reading Ease score of your work. It is essential to ensure that your language is appropriate to its intended audience.

#7  Repetitive Language

More than 170,000 words comprise the English language. There’s no reason to be repetitive. However, when absorbed in a creative flow state, we can repeat the similar words or phrases without realizing it. ProWritingAid detects repetition before it bothers your editor.

#8 – Sentence Length

Many consider varied sentence lengths as a sign of good writing. ProWritingAid evaluates the length of sentences you use to help avoid boredom.

#9 – Pronoun Usage

Readers may be irritated by pronoun usage. ProWritingAid suggests an interval of between 4 and 15 percent pronoun usage. The software will display the percentage of pronouns, which you can adjust.

#10  Transitions

What proportion of sentences must contain transitional words such as “nevertheless” or “as a conclusion?” According to ProWritingAid, 25% of sentences contain transitional language. ProWritingAid claims that among the many flaws it can detect is the absence of transitional terms.

#11: Consistency

An inconsistency can ruin otherwise amazing writing. ProWritingAid lets you identify any inconsistent use of contracted languages or regional spellings. This is particularly important for collaborative work, especially when it’s conducted remotely.

#12 – Pacing

The tool’s pacing report is a good example of this. If you think your sections are too slow, the app will bring the issue to your attention.

#13 – Dialogue Tags

Although this is a personal preference, it’s common that dialogue tags are restricted to what they’re actually speaking about. ProWritingAid shows every tag in the dialogue you’ve chosen, so that you can make changes if necessary.

#14 #14 Contextual Thesaurus

You’ve probably attempted to make use of thesaurus-generated languages, and it was a dangerous move. It’s impossible to determine whether the suggested word is correct in context if you are unfamiliar with it. ProWritingAid offers a full contextual tosaurus.

#15: Diction

Are you falling prey to over-exaggeration? ProWritingAid finds areas in which you’re overly verbose and recommends alternative options that are more effective.

#16 – Alliteration

Alliteration is somewhat like spice. A little bit of it can enhance your language, while too much can overwhelm and annoy. Identify your uses of alliteration to determine the appropriate amount for your job.

#17 – Homonyms

Due to tiredness, mistakes using voice-to-text software or fatigue, homonyms may occur. ProWritingAid will identify all homonymic language to help you avoid humiliating mishaps.

#18 – Acronyms

Acronyms can be a challenge – they not only fly under the radar of grammar and spelling checkers, but can also damage credibility if they are used in a wrong way. Make sure that acronyms are accurate with ProWritingAid.

#19 – Words with multisyllabic meanings

It is sometimes annoying or repelling to use words with three or more syllables. ProWritingAid can identify any trisyllabic language used and recommend a simpler alternative.

#20 Bespoke Style

Create a custom style guide to your specific writing project. ProWritingAid makes the process simple and ensures you are free to set your own guidelines.

#21 – Plagiarism Check

Maybe you need to source written content from multiple writersPerhaps you want academic rigor. ProWritingAid is accessible for any reason and includes a thorough plagiarism screening.

ProWriting Aid Records: The Verdict

Overall, ProWritingAid’s reports are expansive and comprehensiveWhile it’s not for experienced editors, the information isn’t meant to be.

Think of ProWritingAid’s array of reports as quantitative, granular insight into the work you do. Human minds are raw clay to mold into something worthwhile.

ProWritingAid helps users to get rid of technicalities like the number of pronouns that you employ. This allows your mind and heart to focus on what is most important – the message you want to convey.

ProWritingAid can be utilized in combination with other tools for publishing

We are writers who are creatures of habit. It can be difficult to switch writing tools and systems from the ones we are used to. George R.R. Martin You might be hesitant about adding ProWritingAid to your author process if you have taken the time to create an arsenal of tools and a process that work for you.

Learning new software takes time.

ProWritingAid can integrate with your existing writing tools instead of making you abandon them.

The best part is that this tool is adaptable and can work with many well-known tools.

Here are the steps to combine ProWritingAid and other publishing tools

Firefox. Although you’re likely not writing your next novel in Firefox, you can profit from ProWritingAid’s analysis using this browser addon Chrome. Chrome is the best browser for leaving comments on blogs. Avoid any language mishaps by using the ProWritingAid Chrome extension Safari. ProWritingAid can be combined with Apple’s default web browser.

Google Docs. Google Docs is one the most accessible writing platforms for users. But that doesn’t mean Google Docs users have to sacrifice their capabilities. It’s not possible to use ProWritingAid directly when you install the browser extension. Simply integrate the tool in the Google Docs add-on menu. The process is simplePop-ups should help you through the process.

Microsoft Office. ProWritingAid is compatible with Microsoft Office Word and Outlook.

Scrivener. Scrivener is a program specifically designed specifically for writers who are serious about their craft. Scrivener can be integrated with ProWritingAid If you’ve put in enough time learning about its intricacies.

There isn’t a single ideal method to write and edit the book. Some writers prefer working in one environment while others prefer a different one.

ProWritingAid has the ability to connect with other tools such as Scrivener which is a huge benefit.

It’s not difficult to make this app effective. It fits in to the way you prefer to work.

ProWritingAid’s Pros and Cons

ProWritingAid offers many benefits and also possibilities for improvement.

ProWritingAid is a great tool!

Scope. ProWritingAid lets you dig further than the red line of an error in grammar. Learn the intricacies of language within the app to deepen your passion and love for it.

Value. This tool is more powerful than any other on the market and costs a lot less.

It’s simple. ProWritingAid Online, a Desktop Application, or Integration for Tools You Already Love. The versatility and ease of use appeal to a lot of.

The cons of using ProWritingAid:

Plagiarism. ProWritingAid requires extra funds to conduct plagiarism checks. Think about whether the application is worth the additional cost in case you need.

It’s not designed to be a mentor. ProWritingAid can help you make your writing easy and less stress-inducing. Does ProWritingAid function as a mentor or a tool to help you write? It doesn’t.

No substitute. Don’t consider ProWritingAid as a cheater or shortcut. It may help you identify areas for improvement to your writing, and help you understand the reasons behind them however, you’ll need discernment and experience to put its recommendations into practice.

How much does ProWritingAid cost?

ProWritingAid offers limited access, however it is completely absolutely freePaid subscriptions cost $79 to get full access.

There are many pricing options based on the length of time you’d like to use the tool for. If you’re looking to purchase Premium versions you can select from several options.

Here’s an overview of the cost ProWritingAid costs:

Free. ProWritingAid’s limited version, which offers only online access as well as a limit on the word count.

1-Month Premium. 20 dollars for a month of Premium Access.

1-Year Premium. $79 for ProWritingAid Premium.

Lifetime. For $399, you get lifetime access to ProWritingAid.

Is ProWritingAid Free?

If you’d like to experience the full range of capabilities ProWritingAid can do before spending a cent, reach out and request a 14-day trial.

This is the ideal location to find out more on ProWritingAid, and discover whether it’s worth investing in your writing process.

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ProWritingAid is it the right choice for me?

ProWritingAid will automate your self-editing process and make it easierIt’s well-designed and offers valuable tools that authors will love. Frugal authors will also be pleased with the app’s price.

What do you look for in an instrument for writing?

Are you looking to substitute the wisdom and advice offered by a human editor? It’s impossible. It’s impossible for any writing program, ProWritingAid included, to accomplish this feat.

ProWritingAid will make your professional writing life more enjoyable.