ProWritingAid Premium Lifetime

Automatic Text Analysis

ProWritingAid analyses your text with various statistics and its own algorithms. The analysis are based on established guidelines for writing that can actually be assessed, e.g. Use adverbs sparingly, less transitions, fewer pronouns, glue words, and so on. If you’re interested in quality writing, you’ll likely adhere to these guidelines in some way, or at least subconsciously. ProWritingAid makes the rules visible.

If you want to work through a document quickly The Realtime feature will help you edit away any glaring spelling, grammar or style issues:

Once you’ve fixed the errors Once you’ve fixed the errors, you can begin to edit the individual reports. The reports let you look at your word choices, sentence structure, repeated words, and other details. To find out what areas to focus on to achieve the most improvement in the fastest time You can conduct the Summary Report.

How to Utilize it

ProWritingAid has many different formats. Their Web Editor can be used to edit documents in your browser. It is also possible to make use of their browser extensions to fix any grammar issues on websites such as Twitter or WordPress. Word addins allow users to edit directly Word documents for Windows and Mac.

We’ll be focusing on their Desktop App today, which is ideal for use with the Ulysses documents.

You’ll have to sign up on in order to access the software. You have several options to work with Ulysses documents. Ulysses writers can either use the free online Web Editor or download the desktop application. If you want to edit over 500 words at once or use the desktop app you’ll require an upgrade license.

The desktop app supports 8 file types including Markdown. Markdown File is a way to export Ulysses text. You can then make use of ProWritingAid to edit it and then return it to your Ulysses library. It’s fast and easy, with the only disadvantage that you cannot save your images and sheet attachments such as writing goals. After some playing using the app, I discovered the following procedure suitable for my workflow:

Open ProWritingAid.

Open your Ulysses sheet and select a text section. Then, select the Edit menu’s “Copy As Markdown” command.

Paste into ProWritingAid.

Then, go one at a time through the reports, and edit within ProWritingAid.

After you’re done, you can select the edited text, and then copy it.

Paste the new text passage back onto your Ulysses sheet, and replace it with the latest version.

The Reports

ProWritingAid reports identify the problems in your text. When you hover your mouse over a paragraph that is underlined, you will receive an explanation and/or a suggestion. If you’re in need, simply click on a suggestion, e.g. You can simply click on a suggestion, e.g.

The reports come with a brief explanation along with a link to ProWritingAid’s comprehensive details. There are a few examples that will give you an idea of the length and depth of my explanation.

Writing Style Audit This report will help improve your writing. For instance it examines the use of passive voice in your writing because sentences written in active voice are more engaging to read. Writing Style Check also identifies repetitions in sentence beginnings and AdverbsIt makes suggestions to improve readability.

Overused Words The report will highlight words so frequently used that they’ve lost their significance and are no longer relevant in everyday life. ProWritingAid will help you find the words that are extensively used.

You can determine the length of your sentence

Texts with sentences of varied lengths are more enjoyable to read. The report will show you how long your sentences are in a bar graph. This lets you see where there is room for improvement. The report will also identify long sentences that can cause text to be difficult to comprehend.


The ProWritingAid online tool is available free for use. While it’s less user-friendly and does not provide all the reports available, it can help you get a first impression. You can utilize the desktop application as well as other add-ons when you have the premium membership. It’s $79 for a year or $399 for a lifetime license. ProWritingAid has a 14 day money-back guarantee, which means you can take your own time in deciding whether ProWritingAid is the right choice for you.

Final Thoughts

ProWritingAid does not replace editors and is not intended to. It focuses on specific measurable aspects of a text and performs a thorough job. Although you’ll still have to edit your text, ProWritingAid can speed up the process and improve it.