ProWritingAid Review

Who is ProWritingAid?

Anyone who needs to eliminate spelling and grammar errors from their writing can use ProWritingAid, an online grammar checker.

ProWritingAid makes it easy to avoid making these errors, whether you are a professional writer or a hobbyist writer.

A grammar checker can be helpful for any writer, but I have found that the following writers are particularly benefited from it:

Copywriters, bloggers, and content writers

ProWritingAid is also well-suited for corporate settings. It’s crucial to clearly and accurately present information when drafting reports, emails and presentations. ProWritingAid offers solid support for business writers who want to make sure their public-facing text is understandable.

ProWritingAid: Premium vs Free

ProWritingAid is available in two packages: premium and free.

The free version is a demo, which I prefer to consider as a demo. You get access to a web browser extension that checks your grammar and spelling online.

It’s not bad.

The premium version offers:

Stronger browser extensions

App available online

Integration with Microsoft Word, Google Doc, and Scrivener

You can incorporate a lot of reports into your writing style.

The premium version is required to be able to review anything longer than 500 words and take full advantage of ProWritingAid’s features.

ProWritingAid was the premium version I bought. I used it extensively for a month to write this review. This review is based on my experience with the program.

You can access the premium version in many ways. Below I will discuss the differences between each version, but first I will give an overview of the product.

ProWritingAid highlights spelling mistakes in red and grammar errors in blue as you type. Style issues are highlighted in yellow. ProWritingAid can be clicked on specific errors to view its suggestions. Clicking on the errors will allow you to choose whether to ignore, implement or, in certain spelling cases, “add dictionary.” This is a pretty standard approach to online grammar checking.

But that’s not all. ProWritingAid offers many other reports and document checkers that you can also check out.

These will be broken down further in the review. The main reports are:

  • Summary reports that provide a comprehensive view of your document.
  • Style check that examines the overall style of your document
  • A grammar check
  • A thesaurus engine that provides synonyms for your entire document
  • Checker for overused words
  • Structure, readability, and pacing
  • Plagiarism checker.

Each tab will bring up a report that you can view, which will show you the specific areas to be examined. To accept or reject ProWritingAid’s changes to your document, you can click through the suggestions.

Online Editor

ProWritingAid provides an online web-based editor. Log on to ProWritingAid and navigate to “start Web Editor.” You can then edit, draft, and save documents to ProWritingAid.

This is the only ProWritingAid feature you can use if you are a free user.

All reports and checkers are still available online, but only for documents of 500 words. Premium accounts are required for anything greater than 500 words.

It’s still great to have this option for those who are curious and want to test before they buy.


  • Powerful and accurate
  • It is simple to use
  • Get detailed feedback about your writing
  • Amazingly affordable


  • The free version is limited to 500 words
  • Not quite as sleek as Grammarly

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