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ProWritingAid Review – Can this Grammar Checker Help You Fix Your Writing Issues?

ProWritingAid is a web-based grammar editor and style checker that can assist you in becoming an improved writer. What is it that works? Would it be a useful tool for you? tested it to find out how it performed, and then break it all down for you in this ProWritingAid review.

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Mistakes are inevitable if you have ever written any type of writing. These mistakes happen to all writers, from typos to spelling mistakes and not knowing the right word to too many grammar nuances that are difficult to keep track of.

It’d be wonderful to have an editor or a teacher in writing who is always there to correct errors. True, even though I am biased as an editor. There’s no replacing the knowledge and expertise of a, live human who understands the workings of language and can help you communicate your ideas in the best way that you can.

If you don’t have time or money to pay for an editor, grammar-checking software like ProWritingAid can be a cost-effective alternative.

ProWritingAid’s Editor’s Recommendation

I’ve heard positive reviews about ProWritingAid from other writers I believe in. However, I was skeptical about ProWritingAid’s role as an editor. Software can it truly recognize all my errors? Can it truly serve as a helpful substitute for an editor on the human side? It could be a tool that can help writers find and fix their writing issues and improve their writing.

Und ich will also admit that there was one more questionCan my writing be so flawless, ProWritingAid could not give me any feedback?

decided to try ProWritingAid myself to see if it performs.

While I was not paid to review the article, I wanted to make it clear that affiliate links are utilized in the article. If you sign to join ProWritingAid this will allow me be able to keep writing and sharing editing advice. This will not affect your overall purchase price. I also didn’t make a decision to sign up for ProWritingAid, because, as I mentioned, I’m beginning with doubt.

ProWritingAid offers a variety of great features.

How does it compare? Here’s what I discovered.

ProWritingAid Review. The Basics

A brief introduction What is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid can be described as “a grammar coach stylist, style editor, and writing mentor in all in one program.” This piece of software functions as a sophisticated system of spelling and grammar checkers, as well as style checkers.

ProWritingAid was created to assist writers, editors, copywriters, students as well as other professionals. It will assist you in writing better, regardless of how experienced or new to writing.

You can choose from either a premium or paid version. Of course, in the premium version, you’ll have significantly more options and support.

What are the features it has? Let’s take a look.

Grammar and Spelling Checkers

ProWritingAid excels in this area. It provides spelling and grammar checkers that are more thorough than Microsoft Word.

A mistake is highlighted in red if it’s spelling, or blue if it’s grammar. My favorite feature is that if you hover your mouse over a word that is underlined and a box pops up with a suggestion for correction, as along with an explanation of why it suggests the corrective.

A real-time error detection is also available, which will automatically count and point out all mistakes it spots. It does not show the number of problems you’ve written. You can switch it off or turn it on at any time.

More than a Dictionary and Thesaurus

A lot of writing tools come with a dictionary and thesaurus. ProWritingAid is a more advanced version of these tools, offering a dictionary, tosaurus, and numerous word suggestion tools.

You are looking for the right word for your English essay But don’t know where to look? Try the standard dictionary and thesaurus. Mouse over any underlined word and it will offer a list of alternate suggestions.

Are you writing poems? Do you need to have a clear line of poetry or are you trying to avoid the use of alliteration in your text? An alliteration analysis is available for this purpose.

If you’re drafting a story, do not rely on clichés. Redundancy reports and the cliche will catch them all.

Not sure if you’ve used the right there, their or they’re? The homonym test will assess your word usage and identify any words that are missing.

These tools will make sure that you use the correct word at the correct time each time.

Robust Reports on Your Writing

So far, so good. To this point, I was feeling quite confident in my abilities as an editor to best ProWritingAid.

But here, it provided an analysis that I, for all my love of grammar, couldn’t gather without the help of ProWritingAid.

I’ve already talked about ProWritingAid’s reports, dictionaries, and checkers. These examples are just one of the many tools ProWritingAid offers.

There are over twenty reports that you can use to analyze your writing. Although I’m not able to discuss them in detail all, I will highlight my favorite reports.

Writing Style Report

This report, along with the tools for spelling and grammar, is one of the most useful reports that you can utilize to quickly and easily tidy up your prose. Writing Style evaluates your writing and recommends changes to enhance the readability of your writing. It offers information on elements of writing, such as:

Passive voice

Hidden verbs

Overuse of adverbs

You can repeat the exact sentence many times

It will quickly reveal how you can make minor adjustments to your writing that will enhance your writing style and create a better experience for readers.

The Word Count Report & Sentence Length Report

While many writing tools include word counters, the Sentence Length report has much greater power.

Yes, it can count the number of words and characters that are in your document. It will count every word within every sentence, and display the words in a visual. It will show the average sentence length as well as any variations. Additionally, it will warn of any lengthy sentences.

Knowing what you are saying can cause it to be difficult for readers to understand the meaning of your words. Your readers may not be able to grasp it. Sentence Length is a fantastic method to identify unclear lines to separate them.

Three Reports to Beat Repetition

ProWritingAid comes with not just three but three reports that help you identify frequently used words.

The Overused Words Report will identify any words that have been used so many times to be considered overused. It will also tell you how many instances of each word to remove in order to make them less common. It allows you to compare your use of written works to see how your style stacks with similar works.

The All Repeats report can mark words and phrases that contain up to four words you have used multiple times in your text. It’s not necessary to use them all the time, but it’s helpful to know anything that you are likely to use repeatedly.

The Echoes report will mark any phrases or words that are repeated close to each other. The report will suggest alternative words you can use to break up the repetition.

The Sentence Structure Report

The Sentence Structure report is a fascinating one for me. It examines how sentences are constructed so that you can see where certain syntax is being used repeatedly.

For example 37 my sentences are triggered with a subject. However, none of them begin with the gerund. While it’s not right or wrong this gives me useful guidance to improve the variety of my writing.

The Pacing Report

This is the kind of report that I didn’t expect I was so thrilled to find. The Pacing report is an amazing tool for creative writers.

There should be some backgroundToo much and you’ll bore your readers. This tool allows you to pinpoint the most slow sections in your manuscript and will let you know at a glance if it is too much or not enough.

The Plagiarism Report

Plagiarism is a major concern for writers. This report will answer your questions. ProWritingAid scans millions of academic papers and books and analyzes your writing to find any lines in these documents.

In contrast to other ProWritingAid reports, the plagiarism checker isn’t part of the standard Premium version. It is possible to upgrade your Premium Plus package to receive fifty plagiarism checks annually, or you may purchase checks that are only needed.

The House Report

Are you a professional writer working in an organisation that adheres to the format of a stylebook for house? Do you need ProWritingAid to check for patterns or rules within your writing?

The House Report is a pre-made report you are able to modify to create your own. ProWritingAid will generate a report once you have told it what to analyze.

Examine the content of your heart.

ProWritingAid offers nine reports, which I’ve already mentioned however this is only the beginning of what the tool can accomplish. encourage you all to take a look at the full list and then sign up for a free trial to see what it can offer you.

With these reports, you are able to get as granular as you want in your writing analysis. Get a deeper dive the realm of readability by using our Readability report. The Consistency report lets you to identify every issue and fix them using the Grammar report.

Whatever genre you are writing, there are reports that can aid you in improving and refining your writing.

Where to use ProWritingAid

The editor of ProWritingAid is accessible on the ProWritingAid website. Use the editing tool to write your own writing, or copy it and paste it into another file.

But you’re not locked in to the ProWritingAid website. plugin is available to download that allows ProWritingAid’s analysis of writing into your preferred word software.

The Chrome extension can be downloaded and your own personal writing tester will follow you around the internet. There’s no need to fret about spelling mistakes in Facebook status updates.

ProWritingAid free Vs. Premium

What’s in the box? What are you getting when you sign-up to ProWritingAid

Here’s the breakdown between the premium versions and free ones.

ProWritingAid Premium is Free

Online Version-Only Access to Desktop Application

Can analyze up 500 words simultaneously. Can review all length documents simultaneously

25 Writing Reports Writing Reports Writing Reports 25

Limited results for Word Explorer Tools Full range of Word Explorer tools Results

Integration with MS Word. Google Docs. Chrome. Scrivener

Real Time Grammar and Style Score

Register to get ProWritingAid now.

ProWritingAid’s free version can be an excellent option to start. Personally, I enjoy the flexibility and increased capacity of the premium version.

What is the price of a premium membership? ProWritingAid is a subscription-based service. You can select how many years of membership you would like or sign up to get lifetime access.

$60 for 1

2 Year $90

Three Year $120

$210 per year

Join now to receive ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid also offers 14-day returns policy. You are able to cancel your subscription in two weeks if you aren’t happy with the services. ProWritingAid offers just one refund per client who signs up, so if you decide to sign up a second time ensure you’re certain!

The Editor’s Disclaimer

I’ll also add a caveat that I believe is crucial to mention in any discussion about grammar checkers and writing tools.

Grammar checkers can help you identify problems with your writing and suggest possible solutions. ProWritingAid does a remarkable job of understanding context and usage and recommending the best solutions. However, just like other grammar checkers, it’s essential that, when using it, you consider each suggestion carefully and be sure to refuse any suggestions that aren’t helpful.

No matter what grammar checker you select, if you blanket accept any suggestion for change, you will introduce new errors into your writing. Grammar checkers can’t replace a good editor.

However, they can bring you closer to an edited piece of writing. And ProWritingAid’s features go so far beyond grammar checkers I think it’s a useful tool for all writers.

The Bottom Line Is This Editor Recommend ProWritingAid?

I’ll be honest, I came in a skeptic. I believe that a good editor is essential. Even with the many reports ProWritingAid offers I don’t think there can ever be a complete replacement for human interaction.

ProWritingAid has many incredible features. Here’s my ProWritingAid review. I believe this tool is extremely useful for writers of all levels.

Ready to give ProWritingAid a try yourself and see how it improves your writing?

ProWritingAid’s grammar and spelling checkers can help you when you’re new to writing or not sure what to look for in grammar.

If you’re trying to improve your writing style or expand your vocabulary, ProWritingAid’s powerful style and word choice tools will help you improve your writing skills to the next level.

If you’re like me and believe that you’ve surpassed the capabilities of a simple writing tool can provide, I’d encourage you to take another look. love the detailed analysis of my writing sentence word for word. ProWritingAid can identify patterns I didn’t notice in my writing, so that I can better comprehend and modify my style.

ProWritingAid will give you the right feedback, regardless of whether you’re seeking an automated program to test spelling and grammar, a teaching device that will aid you in mastering grammar rules, or an editor for style to help you improve your prose.

Are you willing to try it?