ProWritingAid Updates

Automatic Text Analysis

ProWritingAid automatically analyses your text using various statistics and its proprietary algorithms. These analyses are based upon a set of guidelines for writing that can be measured. Use adverbs sparingly, less transitions, less pronouns, glue words etc. If you are committed to writing effectively and are a serious writer, you’ll likely attempt to adhere to these guidelines subconsciously. ProWritingAid makes them systematically evident.

Realtime allows you to quickly go through documents.

Once these mistakes are fixed, you can proceed to individual reports for more thorough editing. They allow you to look at the word choices, sentence structure and repeated words. A Summary Report can be used to pinpoint the areas you should focus your efforts to improve within the shortest amount of time.

How to Utilize It

ProWritingAid comes in many formats. You can use the Web Editor to modify your documents. The browser extensions allow you to make quick grammar fixes on websites such Twitter, WordPress and Gmail. The Word extensions are available for Windows or Mac that allow you directly to edit your Word documents.

We’ll be focusing on their Desktop App this morning, which is great for using with the Ulysses documents.

To use, you will need to register. You have several options for working using Ulysses documents. Ulysses authors can use the online Web Editor for free or download the desktop software. You’ll require a premium license to edit up to 500 words at one time and also to use the desktop application.

The desktop application supports eight file types, including Markdown. You can export Ulysses text to Markdown File. Then, you can edit it with ProWritingAid and then add it to your Ulysses library to further process. This is fast and easyBut, you aren’t able to save images and other sheet attachments, such as writing goals. After playing with the app, the following was my preferred method of working:

Open ProWritingAid and create a brand new Markdown file.

Go to your Ulysses page, select a text passage and then select the Edit menu command “Copy as markdown“.

Paste into ProWritingAid.

Then go through the report and then edit it in ProWritingAid.

When you’re done, select and copy the edited text.

Paste the new text passage on your Ulysses sheet, and replace it with the current version.

The Reports

ProWritingAid reports show your text underlined. If you hover your cursor over a paragraph that is underlined, you will receive an explanation and/or a suggestion. Simply click on the suggestion, e.g. You can use a synonym or a simpler term to make it work.

The reports include an explanation of the subject and an online link to more extensive information about the topic. To give an idea of what I’ll include examples and more information.

Writing Style Check This report will help to improve your writing skills. As an example it identifies the use of passive voice in your text, as sentences that are written in active voice are more engaging to read. Writing Style Check also highlights the use of adverbs and repeated sentence beginnings, and makes proposals to improve readability.

Overused Words: This report explores the meaning behind words that are utilized so often in everyday life, they almost become meaningless. ProWritingAid might not be able tell the frequency with which you use them in excess.

Verify Sentence Length

Texts that have sentences of different lengths can make texts more enjoyable to read. The report will show your sentence lengths as a bar chart, to help you quickly determine the areas that require improvement. What’s more it will highlight particularly long sentences, as they can make a text less understandable.


ProWritingAid is accessible online for no cost. While it’s more difficult to use and does not offer access to all reports, it could be helpful in creating an initial impression. You can use the desktop app and other add-ons with the premium membership. It’s $79 for a year or $399 for a lifetime licence. ProWritingAid lets you be patient and offers a 14-day refund assurance.

Final Thoughts

ProWritingAid is not a substitute for editing by a human. It focuses on specific elements of text that are measurable and performs an excellent job. Although you’ll still have edit the text by your self, ProWritingAid will make this easier and faster.