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Grammarly is the one-stop solution for grammar, spelling, and writing. It will immediately help you identify and correct mistakes and is available regardless of where you are. ProWritingAid Free is great for writers with all levels. ProwritingAid is a powerful, all-in-1 grammar style, search engine, and style checker.

It can handle any size of text. ProWritingAid is free and offers great design features that make reading text enjoyable. Advanced features also let you work smarter, faster, and with more detail. It allows you to simplify sentences, alter the emphasis of phrases and words or even eliminate unnecessary words. The word enrichment tools are a great way to develop the vocabulary. ProwritingAid contains a comprehensive database that contains more than 500 books, articles and other documents that you can cross refer to.

ProWritingAid provides a comprehensive list of English translations, as well as cultural check. If the English translation fails to pass a basic grammar test, it will compare the two versions and provide an alternative. ProWritingAid examines the text for mistakes in spelling, punctuation and word selection. It also checks for obvious mistakes in writing, poor grammar, poor organization of the language, and incoherence between paragraphs and sentences. ProWritingAid detects obvious mistakes in information, misleading claims, incorrect spellings and quotes that don’t make sense. Experts also recognize other mistakes in written communication.

ProWritingAid offers unique features that set it apart from other tools for proofreading. It has a no-cost “word-search” feature which lets users to search for exactly the word you’re searching for. Then, ProWritingAid has a spell checker that lets you quickly spot spelling mistakes and then replace them with more accurate ones. You can also choose among different kinds of check writing, including word-for-word, bulleted and more detailed.

The ProWritingAid’s consistent report of results is an excellent feature. It lets you monitor your progress as you create new documents. ProWritingAid provides an analysis that shows you the number and the severity of any mistakes you make, your word count, length of the document, spelling, grammar and whether your document has met the criteria you have established. This feature is especially useful for reviewing or giving speeches, since you can monitor the progress you’ve made over time. regular report can aid in keeping you on track and improve your skills.

In addition to fixing mistakes within Microsoft Word documents, ProWritingAid can also correct mistakes in Excel documents. Spell checkers can spot common grammar or spelling mistakes in Word documents and will identify them. ProWritingAid detects typos in HTML files as well as grammatical errors. In conjunction with the standard scanning feature within ProWritingAid, you can find errors in almost every document you write.


ProWritingAid does more than fix mistakes in Microsoft Word or Excel documents. ProWritingAid also comes with an instrument that can detect typos and grammar mistakes in PowerPoint presentations. The grammar checker tool in ProWritingAid is designed to be easily used by people who have visual impairments. It’s fully compatible with Spanish, French, Italian and German languages. You can also use Grammar and Spelling Checker to correct the most common English mistakes in writing, such as misspellings and mistakes. This is not just beneficial to your word processing software, but it can assist you in achieving a higher quality of reading throughout your writing.

ProWritingAid comes with a variety of tools to make editing your written work simple, including the built-in grammar and spelling checker that allows you to spot potential errors in your documents before you commit them to printing. ProWritingAid includes an “reverser” function that can be used to correct erroneous punctuation. The “eraser” however, lets you remove certain punctuation marks and words. ProWritingAid can export your documents to PDF (Portable Document Format) which allows you to browse them on your laptop or an eBook reader. In addition, Ginger Software’s ProWritingAid Pro software bundle includes basic grammar and spelling checkers, as along with a variety of specialized re-writers that can make any sort of document more readable.

ProWritingAid Voucher

How to use ProWritingAid’s desktop app to edit Scrivener files

The majority of writers plan, organize, write and use Scrivener. With the ProWritingAid Desktop app, you can improve and enhance your writing.

How to Use ProWritingAid & Scrivener

Scrivener is full of great tools that make editing easy. Combining Scrivener and ProWritingAid can improve your editing.

This is how you can use them together.

If you don’t have one, log in to your ProWritingAid account. This screen will appear after you log into your ProWritingAid Account.

If you already have a Scrivener account, click Open. Select your Scrivener account and click Open.

Important: Before you open ProWritingAid, make sure that your project has been closed in Scrivener. Your changes won’t be saved if you don’t close Scrivener.

After you have selected the file, it will be opened in the Desktop app. If you don’t like the formatting, it will still be displayed when you open Scrivener again after editing.

On the left-hand side of ProWritingAid App, you will see a navigation pane very similar to Scrivener’s binder. To see and open different text, you can expand or collapse folders.

Navigate to the scene that you wish to edit, and click to open.

Your text will be displayed in the right-hand pane. Access the reports and tools that you love, such as:

  • Style
  • Grammar
  • Sticky words
  • Diction
  • Repetition
  • Sentence length
  • Alliteration of Pronouns
  • Homonyms
  • Transitions
  • Thesaurus
  • House Style check
  • Plagiarism report
  • Statistics will appear in the left pane after you select a report. You can access the folder navigator to Scrivener projects at any time by clicking on the “X” button in the upper-right corner.

You can review all of the changes that you need in the ProWritingAid App.

Save your changes by clicking “Save” in ProWritingAid’s menu.

All changes made in the ProWritingAid Desktop app will be visible when the project file is opened again in Scrivener. You don’t need to import, copy-and-paste.

Use ProWritingAid with Scrivener in combination

ProWritingAid Desktop App is available for Scrivener users. This app allows them to edit their work. If Scrivener is your main tool, the Premium license is worth it. It will give you access to all folders, subfolders, and files.

The summary of the report will replace the directory after you have done an analysis.

Edit any document in your Scrivener folder and the changes will be saved. This way, whenever you return to your Scrivener app you will be working with the most current version.

Combining ProWritingAid with Scrivener is a powerful combination that will make your writing more enjoyable. These two tools have made me a better writer and more organized.

ProWritingAid Coupon

Here are the steps to use your ProWritingAid Coupon. This is particularly useful for authors.

ProWords editing is best when you make sure to not only edit but also save your text. This file can be used to send it to many different servers and computers around the globe. This file is known as a “PDF” file. ProWords can save your file as a PDF. You can share your work without worrying about who may view it. It’s located in the upper right corner.