ProWritingAid vs AutoCrit: A Detailed Comparison in 2021

Now it is easier than ever to get assistance with your writing. There’s nothing more important than the quality of your written content, regardless of whether it’s an important report for your boss, a pitch to a client or an e-mail to a colleague.

Fortunately, there is plenty of software available for you to do that. We examine two tools of this sort and let you know what they can do. 

Let’s take a look at ProWritingAid first

It has been marketed as a grammar checker, writing mentor, and style editor all in one program.  

According to their website, their software is used by the best writers. Knowing your grammar isn’t the only thing you should know about writing, although it is essential. ProWritingAid claims to comprehend that it is much more than that.  

You’ll improve your work by: 

  • Pointing out any issues with style 
  • Pointing out any plagiarised content 
  • Correcting any spelling errors 

All that, in addition to helping you figure out how best to convey your thoughts. 

With more than a million users, it’s one of the top players in the industry.  

What ProWritingAid can do for you?  

Your writing will be more accurate and concise with ProWritingAid because we track and address repeated mistakes. As a result, you’ll gradually improve the quality of your written work after learning from your mistakes.  

Whenever ProWritingAid reads your copy, it nudges you when your sentences are too long, too short, or don’t vary enough. Furthermore, there’s a thesaurus and word-exploring features built-in.

Using these tools will help you express yourself more effectively – and extend your vocabulary as well!  

ProWritingAid provides detailed suggestions to make your writing better – such as determining if your chosen adjective provides enough strength. In this case, the software offers its ‘Writing Style Report,’ one of its most popular reports (more on these later). 

In the event that you want to make your own suggestions, ProWritingAid allows you to do so. Your work is yours, after all! In Writing Reports, you will find suggestions on how you can improve your writing – for example, do not overuse adverbs, hide abbreviations, and repeat sentence structure.   

The Grammar Report is a handy tool, too. As a matter of fact, it’s known as a grammar checker “with superpowers” that picks up grammar errors that Microsoft Words is incapable of picking up.  Another useful report is “Overused Words Report” that lets you see which words are overused. When you use words like “very,” you essentially weaken your argument, instead of making it stronger.  

This report aims to identify and eliminate lazy writing crutches by asking you to avoid using two words when one will suffice . It also discusses transitions – for example, the phrasing “nevertheless”, “therefore”, and so forth.  

There is a plagiarism checker report available, but it needs to be purchased, and it starts at $5 per evaluation. Authors, bloggers, and content strategists will find it well worth the fee.  

ProWritingAid gives you the choice of more than 20 reports to review and analyze your work. You will be provided with a draft that has been edited to your own requirements – which gives you a great deal of control. The reports feel like having your own virtual writing coach, according to some ProWritingAid users.  

Despite its advantages, ProWritingAid has some disadvantages

One of the biggest disadvantages of Pro WritingAid is that it does not automate your work. What I mean by this is that you cannot undo anything on it once you save it, unless you manually go in and do so yourself. I believe this is a huge disadvantage because you cannot make changes to your works while it is saving them. There are some pros and cons to this as well. I am going to compare Pro WritingAid to the competition and also the competition of Arial.

The next biggest con is that Pro WritingAid is expensive for what you get. You will pay about $99 for a software that allows you to easily write a document from scratch without worrying about the mistakes you might accidentally make. In my opinion, this is a good investment because it will allow you to write more professionally, thus increasing your value in the professional market. The cons are that it is expensive and if you need multiple copies of the software, then you might be better off buying another product that allows you to do just that.

One of ProWritingAid’s most popular plans is the Premium plan

Writing essays for credit and pay through ProwritingAid Premium Plan is simple. The Premium Plan enables the user to get the most out of the service, by being provided with many features that can help with essay writing, including a special link to the Premium Guide to Plagiarism Detection which helps writers in checking for known plagiarisms in their writing. If a writer suspects that they are being accused of plagiarism, this is a great time to use this service because most writers won’t know how to check for it. Using the premium plan brings up the possibility of receiving many useful features in one package, allowing writers to write better and faster.

For example, the Premium Plan comes with Google Docs integration – it’s not the best feature in the world (that’s reserved for the paid versions) but ProwritingAid Premium Plan has made it easier than ever to share documents in a doc online. ProwritingAid also offers integration with Microsoft Word (so writers can submit their work to the service as well as to Google Docs), Google Calendar, QuickBooks (the latest version of a business accounting software), Twitter, WordPress, and many other web services. In addition to the Google Docs integration, ProwritingAid lets writers and editors add events to their calendar. Some of the other integrations include: ProWritingAid Premium Guide, Google Calendar, WordPress, and MySpace blog articles.

In this ProWritingAid Premium Plan review I’ve compared the product to its competitors. It has all the features mentioned above and it allows writers to add events to their Google docs account. Another nice thing about the Premium Plan is the fact that it integrates with Google Docs so you can edit, and share documents from your computer rather than from a web service. So, if you’re looking for an easy and powerful editing tool, then the ProWritingAid Premium Plan is definitely worth trying out.

Next, let’s take a look at AutoCrit

If you are a fiction writer, specifically for fiction books, then you would know how hard it can be to edit your own work and get it ready for publication. In fact, many of us struggle with this even when we have been writing for many years. And it’s not only for the novel that takes so much time to edit. For magazines and short stories, the process can be even more time-consuming. All of this is why most people who write stories for fun and profit turn to professional editors who provide them with professional services like Autocrit.

AutoCrit is a unique instant word limit profiting aid that within seconds identifies typical early draft structural issues like excessive keyword usage, overused phrases, cliched words, and many more within a story. With many similar services like a Writer’s Resources library, Autokrit has made the editing process of an entire book virtually painless for hundreds of authors. With an easy-to-use interface, it quickly identifies possible problematic areas in an article or short story. Then by choosing from a wide selection of suggested fixes, users can instantly make the necessary changes to their work in mere minutes.

Most online book editors nowadays offer some type of virtual assist, whether that is a help button, a voice recording, or a website app. However, what few of them provide is a professional-grade editing tool such as AutoCrit. For fiction writers particularly, having the ability to immediately correct problematic elements of a work without needing to read through an entire novel again just to make the necessary changes is an ideal way to get your work edited. Many amateur authors spend months or years perfecting their written work, only to have it criticized by other writers and readers. By taking the time to use an effective editing service such as Autocrit, you can spend that time on writing instead of fixing problems later. This not only ensures a higher quality piece of writing, but also ensures better acceptance by other writers in the same field.

What AutoCrit can do for you?  

You can analyze your article according to six categories: dialogue, word choice, persuasive writing, pacing and momentum, as well as comparing it to other fictions.  

A writer gets a comprehensive analysis of their work – which helps improve the overall quality of their writing.  

AutoCrit can be used on either a Mac or PC, but they recommend using the latter for best results.  

So, what is the process?  

Using AutoCrit, you can select one of twenty reports from your manuscript. In the next step, AutoCrit will offer suggestions for revisions to help you avoid issues such as repetition, overuse of adverbs, poor grammar, and so forth. The software works similarly in that regard to ProWritingAid. 

The major difference is that it offers you suggestions for improving your manuscript to make it more attractive to editors and agents.  

Besides tracking your editing progress, AutoCrit also keeps track of your progress as you go along. It analyzes your paragraphing and identifies slower or faster phases of your prose, as well as encourages you to break up long sentences (for instance, to break up a run-on sentence) or vary them. 

On the website, there are plenty of useful articles such as “10 Tips for Pitching,” and “8 Easy Steps to Get Your Book on the Shelf.” They are definitely worth looking at.  

Disadvantage of AutoCrit

A major disadvantage to AutoCrit is the cost of the subscription – so, if you’re on a budget, I probably wouldn’t recommend it. 

A lack of integration with AutoCrit is also a concern. This tool cannot be used alongside any other software or service – which limits its usefulness. 

As we discussed previously, many believe AutoCrit is not always correctly defining passive voice. Right now, AutoCrit’s editor highlights every “be” and “had” verb, which does not always translate into passive voice. 

The cost of it? 

It costs $1 for 14 days of full functionality, and there is no obligation to continue after that. If you decide not to sign up, you can use it for 14 days for just $1. Cancelling your subscription may be done at any time and reactivating it is possible at any time (if you wish).  

Three paid plans are available. A Basic package costs $10 a month, a Professional package costs $30, and an Elite package costs $80. A session with AutoCrit’s Basic program can edit more than 1,000 words using its online editing tool. An agent and an editor will be able to identify key aspects of a manuscript from the article.  

With the Professional option, a $30 monthly fee assures unlimited usage, allowing you to compare your work with famous authors, filter it by genre, and generate customized reports. 

A similar package is available to Elite customers. As part of this membership, you will also be entitled to AutoCrit’s training courses, along with tips and tricks from editors, published authors, and agents. 

Conclusion of ProWritingAid vs AutoCrit

So which one is right for you? If your goal is to have a plagiarism detector included in the tool, ProWritingAid may be worth considering. For those looking for an easy way to edit their writing and find errors that need fixing, AutoCrit might be the best option. Either way, it’s important to know what each program offers before deciding on whether or not it will work well with your needs as a writer.