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ProWritingAid Review. Will it Fix Your Writing Issues using its Grammar Checker?

ProWritingAid is a grammar checker and style editor meant to help you improve your writing skills and improve your writing. What is it that works? It’s a great tool for you. tried it, and this ProWritingAid reviews will assist you in understanding it.

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Anyone who’s ever written any kind of writing is aware of the fact that mistakes are common. The same mistakes can be found in everyone from spelling mistakes and not knowing the right word to too many grammar nuances that are hard to keep track of.

Of of course, having an editor or a writing instructor on hand to correct all errors would be ideal. (I know this because I’m an editor. It isn’t right, but it’s the truth. It’s impossible to substitute the knowledge and experience gained from a live person who understands how to convey your ideas in the most effective way possible.

However, if you don’t have access or don’t need to pay an editor to revise your Facebook posts or emails ProWritingAid Grammar Checker software is a reasonable alternative.

ProWritingAid Review by an Editor

I’ve heard great things about ProWritingAid from writers I believe in. I was skeptical, but that’s since I’m an editor. Software can it truly detect all of my mistakes? Could it really be a useful alternative to a human editor? This could be a device that would help writers to identify and fix writing problems and grow their craft.

And i will admit that there was one more questionCould my writing be perfect, ProWritingAid could not give me any feedback?

ProWritingAid is a tool that lets you write. I was eager to see how it worked.

Before we get started, even though I wasn’t paid to write this review, I would like to be completely transparent and let everyone know that some of the links in this post could be affiliate hyperlinks. ProWritingAid will allow me to write and provide editing tips. This won’t impact your overall cost and it didn’t affect my decision to buy the program.

Have an in-depth look at ProWritingAid here.

What is the overall score? Here’s what I discovered.

ProWritingAid Review, The Basics

A brief overview of ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid promises to be “a grammar guru and style editor all in one package”. It’s an application for writing that functions as an intricate grammar checker and spell checkers.

ProWritingAid is a tool for editors, copywriters and students. No matter if you’re a novice or an experienced writer, ProWritingAid offers features that can help you improve your writing.

It’s available as the free and premium versions. Premium users will get more support and options.

What features are included? Let’s look at it in detail.

Grammar and Spelling Checkers

ProWritingAid’s primary features form the foundation of any writing software. It is a powerful grammar tool and spelling checkers, more thorough than even Microsoft Word.

For grammar and spelling mistakes, mistakes are highlighted in red. My most favorite feature is the box that pops up whenever you hover over the underlined text. The box offers a suggested correction and a detailed explanation.

Plus, there’s a real-time error-checker that can count up all the issues it finds and point you to them with one click. Are you not interested to see the number of issues it identifies while you write? You can toggle it off or on at any time.

More Than a Dictionary and Thesaurus

Most writing software comes with a built-in dictionary or thesaurus. ProWritingAid adds a dictionary, thesaurus and many other tools for word suggestions to make it even more efficient.

You are searching for the perfect word for your English essay, but don’t know where to look? Use the standard dictionary or thesaurus. Mouse over any underlined word and it will provide alternative suggestions.

Need a lyrical line for poetry? Or do want to avoid excessive alliteration in writing poems of serious quality? There’s an analysis of alliteration to help you with that.

Are you writing a novel of a lifetime and want to make sure that you’ve not relied on a slew of clichés? They’ll be caught by repetition or cliche.

Don’t know if the right there, theiror they’re are correct? The homonym test will assess the word usage of your friends and will reveal any missing words.

With all these tools you are guaranteed that you are using the correct words at the right time each time.

Robust Reports on Your Writing

So far, so good. To this point, I was pretty confident in my ability as an editor to best ProWritingAid.

However, here it provides analysis that even me, despite my love of grammar, couldn’t gather without ProWritingAid’s help.

Below, I’ve listed some ProWritingAid reports, dictionaries and checkers. These only scratch the surface of the many tools ProWritingAid makes available.

There are more then twenty reports that you can use to analyze your writing. They are all available, but I’ll only highlight a few.

Writing Style Report

The report can be used to swiftly and effectively correct your prose, after you’ve completed the grammar and spelling-check tools. Writing Style Report evaluates the quality of your writing and makes suggestions for improvements. It provides information about elements of writing, such as:

Passive voice

Hidden verbs

Use of adverbs too often

Repetition of sentence start points

It will quickly show you how you can make minor adjustments to your writing that improve your style and provide a better experience for the readers.

The Word Count Report & Sentence Length Report

While many writing tools provide word counters for their users, the Sentence Length Report is more effective.

Yes it will count words and characters in your document. It will also take every word from each sentence and show them in an illuminating visual. You’ll be able to see the average sentence length as well as any variations. Additionally, it will warn of any lengthy sentences.

If you understand what you want to say it’s not hard to spot where your readers could be confused. Sentence Length is a great way to find confusing lines so you can separate them.

Three Reports to Stop Repetition

ProWritingAid includes not one, but three reports to help you catch any words that are repeated.

The Overused Words report will mark any words that are overused, or used so many times that they’ll definitely make readers take a moment to think. Additionally, it will inform the number of instances you need to eliminate them so that they don’t become overused anymore. It will also compare your writing to other published writing to show you how your style compares to other styles.

The All Repeats report can mark words and phrases that contain up to four words that you have used multiple times in your writing. It’s not necessary to be used all the time, but it can be helpful to track what you are repeating.

Echoes reports will highlight any repetitions of words or phrases within the same distance. It will also suggest alternatives words to make use of to break up repeated phrases.

The Sentence Structure Report

I find Sentence Structure reports fascinating. It examines the way sentences are constructed so that you can see where certain syntax is being used repeatedly.

37 percent of my sentences are subject-oriented, and none of them start with the word gerund. Although it’s not right or wrong, it helps me to improve my writing.

The Pacing Report

This is the kind of report that I didn’t expect but was so pleased to discover. The Pacing report is a wonderful tool for writers who are creative.

You should have some backstoryIf you have too much, you’ll bore your readers. This tool will detect any sections in your manuscript slowing down, so you’ll be able to instantly determine if it’s excessive or not.

The Plagiarism Report

Plagiarism is a significant issue for writers. The Plagiarism Report can help to put your mind at ease. ProWritingAid has been capable of analyzing millions upon millions of books, articles academic documents, and will examine the lines you’ve composed for other documents.

The tool for checking plagiarism is not available in the premium version. This is unlike other ProWritingAid reports. Premium Plus comes with fifty plagiarism tests each year. You can also upgrade to Premium Plus and buy as many checks as you need.

The House Report

Are you a professional writer for an organization that has a house stylebook ProWritingAid can search for patterns or guidelines in your writing.

The House report can be customized to your liking. ProWritingAid is able to create a report according to your requirements.

Analyze your Heart’s Content

ProWritingAid offers more than just nine reports. encourage you all to take a look at the entire list and sign up for a trial to see what it can do for you.

These reports let you be as thorough as you want in your writing analysis. Take a deep dive into readability with the Readability report, nitpick every inconsistent detail using the Consistency report or simply correct grammar errors and move on with the Grammar report.

Whatever kind of writing you’re doing, there will be a report for you that will help you improve and craft your piece.

Where can you use ProWritingAid?

The ProWritingAid editor is accessible directly from the ProWritingAid website. Edit your writing directly through the ProWritingAid websiteCopy and paste from an other document.

ProWritingAid does not lock you into. If you compose using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Scrivener, you can download a plugin to bring ProWritingAid’s writing analysis to the word processor you prefer.

Download the Chrome extension to have your own writing guide that will follow you around the web. Do not worry about spelling mistakes in your Facebook status updates!

ProWritingAid free vs. Premium

What’s inside the box? What will you receive when you sign-up for ProWritingAid

This is how the premium and free versions compare.

ProWritingAid Premium ProWritingAid Free ProWritingAi

Online Version Only Access to Desktop Application

Can analyze up 500 words at once. Can review all length documents simultaneously

25 Writing Reports Writing Reports Writing Reports 25

Limited results for Word Explorer tool Full Range of Word Explorer tool Results

Integration for MS Word, Google Docs, Chrome, and Scrivener

Real Time Grammar and Style Score

Register now for ProWritingAid.

The trial version of ProWritingAid is a great place to start. I personally appreciate the added versatility and capabilities of the ProWritingAid premium version.

What does it cost to go premium? ProWritingAid offers a subscription service. You can choose the length of time you’d like to be a member, or all-in with lifetime access.

$60 for 1

2 Year $90

Three Year $120

$210 for the Lifetime

Join now to receive ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid also has a 14-day return policy. You are able to end your subscription within two weeks if you’re not happy with the services. ProWritingAid will only offer one refund per customerBe sure to confirm your identity before you sign up again!

The Editor’s Disclaimer

This is a point I believe is crucial to be mentioned in any discussion on grammar checkers or writing instruments.

Grammar checkers assist you to identify grammar problems and offer solutions. ProWritingAid is remarkably good in analyzing the context and use and suggesting the correct solutions. It is essential to go through each suggestion carefully and then accept any suggestions that aren’t useful.

Whatever grammar checker you choose to use, if you take all suggestions seriously, you’ll be prone to mistakes when writing. In this way grammar checkers cannot fully replace a good editor.

These features help you create a well-written piece of writing. ProWritingAid has so many features that go beyond grammar check. I consider it a valuable tool for every writer.

The verdict is: Do editors recommend ProWritingAid to You?

Truth be told I was skeptical when I first began. believe strongly in the value of a good editor. am of the opinion that there is no substitute for the human element, despite all the ProWritingAid reports.

ProWritingAid’s features were amazing for me. Here’s my honest ProWritingAid review: I think it’s an extremely useful tool for writers at every level.

Are you ready to give ProWritingAid a try yourself to see how it enhances your writing?

If you’re just beginning to write, not certain how to spot the grammar mistakes you’ve made, or want to practice your English proficiency, ProWritingAid’s grammar as well as spelling checks can help you identify errors, correct them and help you avoid them in the future.

If you’re trying to refine your writing style, or vary the vocabulary you use, ProWritingAid’s powerful style and word choice tools can help you to improve your writing skills to the next level.

If you are like me and think that you have mastered more than a basic writing tool can teach you, I would encourage you to look at it again. love seeing my writing broken down sentence by sentence and word for word. ProWritingAid can identify patterns I didn’t recognize in my writing so I can understand and adjust my style.

ProWritingAid offers the perfect solution for you.

Are you ready to give it another try?