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Automatic Text Analysis

ProWritingAid conducts an automatic analysis of your text using various statistical indicators and proprietary algorithms. These analyses are built on proven guidelines for writing that can be measured. to use adverbs sparingly, and to use fewer transitions. These rules can help you write better writing if you care about the writing. ProWritingAid makes it systematically visible.

Realtime is a great tool that can accelerate the process of working on a document.

After you’ve corrected the mistakes Once you’ve fixed the errors, you can begin editing the individual reports. They will let you look at your word choices and sentence patterns as well as repeat words. You can run a Summary Report to find out the areas you should focus on to achieve the greatest improvement in the shortest amount of time:

How to Use It

ProWritingAid offers a variety of formats. You can use the Web Editor to edit your documents. The browser extensions let you fix grammar issues quickly on sites like Twitter, WordPress and Gmail. The Word add-ins are compatible with Windows or Mac which allow you to directly to edit your Word documents.

Today we’ll concentrate on their Desktop App. This application is perfect to work with Ulysses documents. registration is required to access the tool. There are a variety of ways to work with Ulysses documents as well as ProWritingAid. Ulysses writers will have the option to use the online editor or the desktop application. You’ll need a premium license to edit over 500 words at a time or use our desktop app.

The desktop application supports eight file types, including Markdown. So you can export the Ulysses text to a Markdown File, conduct the editing with ProWritingAid, and import back to your Ulysses library to further process. It’s fast and easy however you can’t save images or sheet attachments such as writing goals. After playing with the application, I found that I used the following as my preferred workflow:

Open ProWritingAid. Create a Markdown file.

Go to Ulysses, select a text paragraph and then select the Copy as Markdown option from the Edit menu.

Paste into ProWritingAid.

Then go through the report and then edit it in ProWritingAid.

Once you are done, select the edited text and copy it.

Paste the text passage from your Ulysses document back to it.

The Reports

ProWritingAid reports show your text underlined. When moving your cursor over an underlined passage, you’ll get an explanation or suggestion. If you need a suggestion, click on it. Click on the suggestion to view a simpler word or a synonym.

The reports include a brief explanation, as well as an online link that takes you to extensive details about the report on ProWritingAid. Let me give you an example to help understand what I am talking about.

Writing Style Check This report is meant to assist you in improving your writing skillsbased on various rules for good writing. You can see that the report highlights passive voice in your textHowever writing in active voice tend to be more interesting. Writing Style Check also points out repeated sentence starts and adverbsIt makes suggestions to improve the readability of your text.

The report identifies words so commonly used in daily life that they have been deemed boring and useless, e.g there and have . It’s impossible to stay clear of them, however ProWritingAid will tell you the instances where you’ve been using them in excessive.

Sentence Length Check

Texts with sentences of varied lengths are more enjoyable to read. This report will show the length of your sentences in a bargraph, so you will be able to identify areas for improvement. The report will also identify long sentences that can make text difficult to understand.


ProWritingAid is accessible online for no cost. It’s not as user-friendly, and it doesn’t offer the full range of reports availableHowever, it may suffice to create an impression. You can use the desktop app and other add-ons with a premium membership. It costs $79 per year or $399 for a lifetime license. ProWritingAid allows you to take your time, and it provides a 14-day money back assurance.

Final Thoughts

ProWritingAid can’t (and isn’t intended to) replace a human editor. The tool highlights particular elements of text that are measurable and performs an excellent job. ProWritingAid cannot replace the manual editing of your textBut it can make that process more effective and efficient.