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Automatic Text Analysis

ProWritingAid will automatically analyze your text using various metrics and algorithms developed by ProWritingAid. The analyses are based on established guidelines for writing that can be assessed. These rules can be measured for example, the use of adverbs sparingly. These rules will assist you in writing better if you care about the writing. ProWritingAid makes these rules systematically visible.

Realtime lets you quickly go through documents.

Once these mistakes are fixed Once these errors are fixed, you can move on to separate reports for more detailed editing. They allow you to dig into your sentences, words that are repeated and much more. A Summary Report can be run to determine the areas you should concentrate your efforts to make improvements in the shortest time.

How to Utilize It

ProWritingAid can be downloaded in a variety of formats. You can utilize their Web Editor to modify documents in your browser. Their browser extensions let you fix grammar issues quickly on sites like Twitter, WordPress, Gmail and Facebook, and their Word add-ins for Windows and Mac allow you to modify your Word documents right from the word.

Today, we’ll focus on their Desktop App. This application is ideal for working with Ulysses documents.

You’ll need to register on to be able to use the tool. There are a variety of options available for working with Ulysses documents. Ulysses authors can use the web-based Web Editor for free or download the desktop software. You will need a premium license to edit over 500 words at a time or use our desktop app.

The desktop application can read eight kinds of files (Markdown included). Markdown File is a way to export Ulysses text. You can then make use of ProWritingAid to edit it and then return it to your Ulysses library. It’s quick and simple however you can’t save sheets or images such as writing goals. After some testing with the application, I found the following workflow works well for me:

Open ProWritingAid.

Navigate to your Ulysses page, select the text and select the Edit menu command “Copy Markdown“.

Paste into ProWritingAid.

Now review each report one by one and edit within ProWritingAid.

After you’re done editing, copy and select the text.

Paste the text back onto your Ulysses sheet replacing the old version of the text passage, and then select the “Paste from Markdown” option in the Edit menu.

The Reports

ProWritingAid reports show your text highlighted. Move your cursor to the underlined text, and you’ll see an explanation or suggestion. If you require an idea, click it. You can make use of a synonym or more simple term to make it work.

Each report comes with an explanation of the report and a link to take you to more details on the topic. To give an idea, I’ll provide some examples and further details.

Writing Style The purpose of this report is to help improve your writing stylebased on various rules for good writing. This report can assist you in identifying the use of passive voice within your textThe sentences that are active voice are more engaging and easier to understand. Writing Style Check also suggests improvements to readability.

Overused Words: This report examines the meaning of words that are used so often in everyday life that they are almost meaningless. ProWritingAid can help you identify the words that are extensively used.

Verify the length of your sentences.

Texts that contain sentences of varying lengths are more interesting to read. This report displays your sentence lengths in bar graphs so that you can see quickly if you need to improve. It can identify long sentences that are difficult to read.


ProWritingAid is available on the internet for no cost. This tool is not as user-friendly and it doesn’t offer the full range of reports availableHowever, it may be enough to make a first impression. It is possible to purchase an upgrade membership that permits users to access the desktop application and many additional features for $79/year or $399 per lifetime license. ProWritingAid allows you to be patient and provides a 14-day money back assurance.

Final Thoughts

ProWritingAid can’t (and isn’t intended to) substitute for a human editor. This tool highlights specific measurable aspects of text and performs an outstanding job. Although you’ll still have edit the text by your self, ProWritingAid will make this quicker and easier.

ProWritingAid Zara Altair

There are many differences between ProwritingAid and Scrivener. The biggest difference between Scrivener and ProwritingAid is the amount of editing required when a document is being created. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing an article for publication online. Professionals who are skilled in editing articles can take over.

Grammarly is an English grammar tool that allows writers to go back and correct any errors they made in writing. This gives the writer confidence and allows them to write better articles. A premium product like prowritingaid allows writers instant feedback. They can quickly correct any errors and make any changes to the written material.

ProWritingAid does not include a plagiarism checker. Many writers believe that you can include a plagiarism checker in your writing process. This is not true. Many writers have been accused of plagiarising, even though they didn’t know they were doing so and used the English grammar checker.

Grammarly, a grammar-checker that is available online, can be used to catch common errors in writers. For example: they can delete words with similar spellings or misspell words. These mistakes can be detected by grammar checks, but this does not mean they are always cheating. Grammarila doesn’t recommend the use of a grammar checker. ProWritingAid uses a unique approach to catching plagiarized content and because it is integrated into the writing process, it catches more errors than any other product.

Some believe you should proofread and edit essays before you send them to agents or publishers. I disagree. ProwritingAid is a great tool that eliminates all this. Because I’m always making mistakes, prowritingaid is an invaluable tool for me during the editing process. Prowritingaid helps me speed up the editing process by having a complete document to proofread. If you have a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, then you should consider using a word processor instead of a traditional writer.

Pro Writing Aid desktop apps can be used to help you proofread, not like the standard Microsoft Word app. This desktop application is free to download and can also be used anywhere you have a computer. It is very compatible with both Mac and Linux operating systems. To those who do not use the Pro Writing Aid in the regular Microsoft Word app, I suggest that they learn how to use that application instead so that they don’t have the Pro Writing Aid.

Prowritingaid is also a good tool to help you track your articles as they are being submitted to different article directories. When submitting articles, one of the biggest problems writers have is making grammatical mistakes in the author’s resources box. Authors want their articles to be accepted at the best article directories. But many authors don’t know that some directories will automatically reject articles that contain grammatical errors. Avoiding the author’s boxes can help you ensure that your articles are accepted on the most popular and highly-trafficked websites.

Pro Writing Aid gives writers the option to share their work online with others through a “blog rolling” feature. Your account can be set up to include a blog icon, which allows other users to comment on the articles. When an author leaves a comment on a piece of your content, it is added as a comment to your “blogroll,” which is a list of other writers’ comments. If you are a good writer, then this feature will allow you to connect with other writers and develop friendships, which is a huge advantage of this particular scrivener.