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ProWritingAid Review. Can this Grammar Checker solve all your writing problems.

ProWritingAid helps you improve your writing by using an editor of style and grammar checker. What is it? It’s a great tool for you. tested it to find out, and I’ll go over the whole thing for you in this ProWritingAid review.

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Anyone who’s ever written anything in writing knows that mistakes are common. They occur to us all from accidental typos to not finding the correct word to so many grammar nuances it’s difficult for me to keep track of them all.

It would be great to have an editor, or a teacher in writing who is always there to correct errors. (I admit that I am an editor so it is possible for me to be biased. However, it’s true. It’s impossible to replace the knowledge and experience gained from a live person who understands how to convey your ideas in the most effective way possible.

However, if you don’t have access to or do not want to hire an editor to edit your Facebook posts or emails ProWritingAid grammar checking software is a reasonable alternative.

An Editor’s Review of ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a product I’ve heard about from writers I trust. However I was skeptical as an editor. Would a computer program really find all the errors in my writing? Can it substitute for an editor who is human? What would it mean for writers?

Also, I must admit I was unsure about one thingCould I write with such ease that ProWritingAid wouldn’t find anything to criticize?

ProWritingAid allowed me to test it for myself and I was very pleased by the results.

Before we begin, I wasn’t paid for this review, however I want to be fully transparent and let you know that the links included in this review are affiliate links. ProWritingAid will allow me to write and provide editing tips. This won’t impact your overall cost and it did not influence my decision to buy the program.

ProWritingAid has some amazing features.

What is the overall score? Here’s my opinion.

ProWritingAid Review.

A brief overview of ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid promises to be “a grammar guru and style editor all in the same package”. It is a piece writing software that acts as a complex grammar checker and spell checkers.

ProWritingAid is a tool for editors, copywriters and students. It can be used to improve your writing skills whether you are novice or proficient.

A premium version as well as an unpaid version are offered. Premium version users will have more options and support.

What features are included? Let’s take it apart.

Grammar and Spelling Checkers

ProWritingAid is an excellent example of this. ProWritingAid has stronger grammar and spelling checks over Microsoft Word.

Red underlining is used to highlight spelling errors and blue for grammar. My favorite feature is that if you click on a word that is underlined and a box pops up with a suggested correction, as along with an explanation of why it suggests the corrective.

A real-time error detection will also be available that will count automatically and point out all errors it finds. It doesn’t show how many problems you’ve written. It is possible to turn it off and off at any moment.

More than a Dictionary and Thesaurus

The majority of writing instruments have a built in dictionary and thesaurus. ProWritingAid is an advanced version of these tools, offering an alphabetical dictionary, tosaurus, as well as numerous word suggestions tools.

Are you looking for the right word to use on your English paper? Thesaurus is a great resource or the traditional dictionary. Mouse over any word that is underlined and it will provide a list of alternate suggestions.

Are you writing poetry and want to incorporate lyrical lines, or avoid alliteration in serious documents? For that, there’s an analysis of alliteration.

You are attempting to write a great new story, but you need to be sure that you aren’t using many clichés. It’s impossible to keep everyone in line with the redundancy report and the common sense.

Is it unclear whether you’ve used their or their? The homonym checker will examine the word you use to identify any errors and correct them.

With all these tools you can be certain that you are using the correct words at the appropriate time each time.

Robust Reports on Your Writing

So far, so good. At this point, I’ll admit I was feeling pretty confident in my ability as an editor to best ProWritingAid.

But here, it provided analysis that even me, despite my passion for grammar, could not comprehend without ProWritingAid’s help.

Below, I have listed a few ProWritingAid reports, dictionaries, and checkers. These examples are just a fraction of the tools ProWritingAid can offer.

You have a lot of reports you can use to analyze and enhance your writing. Although I can’t list them all here, I do want to share some of my favorite reports.

Writing Style Report

This report could be the most effective way to quickly and easily correct any spelling or grammar mistakes. The Writing Style report evaluates your writing for adjustments that can improve its readability. It will help you identify writing style elements like:

Passive voice

Hidden verbs

Excessive use of adverbs

Repeated sentence start points

This will give you a quick overview of the areas where you can make minor adjustments to enhance your writing and create a better user experience.

The Word Count Report and Sentence Length Report

A lot of writing tools have word counters, however the Sentence Length report is so much more powerful than that.

Yes, it will count all words and characters within the document. But it will also take every word from each sentence and show the words in a dazzling visual. It will display the average length of your sentences and the variation in length. Additionally, it will alert you of any unusually long sentences.

If you know the message you wish to convey, it is not difficult to see where readers might be confused. Sentence Length will help you determine lines that are unclear so you can cut them off.

Three Reports to Stop Repetition

ProWritingAid has three reports, so you can catch repetitive words.

The Overused Words Report will identify any words that have been used so often to be excessively used. It will even provide the number of instances of each word to remove in order to make them less common. It will also compare your usage with published writing, so you can see how your work compares to similar works.

The All Repeats report will identify phrases and words that are repeated in your text for at most four phrases. It’s not necessary to be used every day however it is helpful to track what you are repeating.

Echoes will identify words and phrases that are frequently repeated in the same space. It will also suggest alternative words to break the monotony.

The Sentence Structure Report

I find Sentence Structure reports fascinating. It analyzes the syntax you employ to build sentences, so that you can determine if you’re repeating the same syntax.

For instance, 37% of my sentences begin with the word “subjectHowever, none of them start with the word verb. This isn’t right or wrong, but it provides me with a useful guideline in how I can improve my writing’s diversity.

The Pacing Report

This is the type of report I was not expecting but was so happy to find. The Pacing report is an incredible tool for creative writers.

While some background information is okay, too much can cause boredom for your readers. This tool will identify any parts of your work that slow the pace and let you know in a glance if it’s excessive or just right.

The Plagiarism Report

Plagiarism is a huge concern for writers The Plagiarism report will help put your mind to put to. ProWritingAid can scan millions of academic papers as well as books, articles, and other publications. It will also analyze your writing for lines that are found in other documents.

The ProWritingAid Plagiarism tool is not included in the Premium package. Upgrade to Premium Plus for fifty plagiarism checks per year, or you can buy checks for use as you need.

The House Report

Are you writing for an organization with a stylebook for its employees? Do you want to use ProWritingAid checking for patterns or guidelines in your writing?

The House Report is a ready-to-use report you are able to modify to create your own. ProWritingAid will generate reports once you’ve told it what to analyze.

Explore to the Heart’s Content

Although I have mentioned nine reports from ProWritingAid, that is only a fraction of the tool’s capabilities. Take a look here at the entire list. You could also sign up for a free trial and have some fun with it.

Through these reports, you can be as precise as you like in your writing analysis. You can take a deep dive on readability using the Readability report. Or, you can simply correct grammar mistakes and then move to the Grammar report.

Whatever genre you are writing, there are reports that can help you refine and improve your writing.

Where can you use ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is available directly through the ProWritingAid website. You can either create your writing in the editor or copy it from another document.

There is no requirement to visit the ProWritingAid website. You can download a ProWritingAid plugin regardless of whether you write in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

You can also download the Chrome extension and have your own writing coach who will be with you online. No need to worry about spelling errors in your status updates on Facebook!

ProWritingAid – Free vs. Premium

What’s in the box? What will you receive when you sign-up for ProWritingAid

Here’s a rundown of both the premium and free versions.

ProWritingAid Premium for Free

Access to the Desktop Application in Online Version

Can process up to 500 words at a time. Can examine full length documents at once

25 Writing Reports 25 writing reports

Limited Results for Word Explorer tools Full Range of Results for Word Explorer tools

Integration with MS Word. Google Docs. Chrome. Scrivener

Real Time Grammar Score and Style Score

Sign up here to get ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid’s free trial is a great place for beginners. The premium version has more options and features, as well as the ability to customize for me.

What does it take to be a premium user? ProWritingAid works on a subscription basis. You can select how many years you’d like to join, or go all in by obtaining lifetime access.

1 Year $60

2 Year $90

3 Year $120

$210 for the Lifetime

Sign up now for ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid has a 14-day refund policy. If you don’t like it you can unsubscribe within two weeks to receive an entire refund. ProWritingAid only offers one refund per customer. If you decide to sign up for ProWritingAid again, be sure to confirm!

The Editor’s Caveat

Here’s a caveat I believe is crucial to be mentioned in any discussion about grammar checkers and writing tools.

Grammar checkers help you to identify grammar problems and offer solutions. ProWritingAid does a remarkable job at analyzing the context and use of words and offering the best solutions. That said, as with any grammar checker, it’s still essential that, when using it, you take every suggestion with care and feel free to refuse any suggestions that aren’t helpful.

You will make mistakes in your writing, no matter which grammar checker you employ. Grammar checkers won’t substitute for a professional editor in that way.

They can help you get closer to perfect editing your writing. ProWritingAid tools go beyond grammar check. It’s a great instrument for writers.

Verdict: Would this editor suggest ProWritingAid as a recommendation?

In truth I was skeptical when I first started. believe strongly in the importance of an experienced editor. Even with all the reports ProWritingAid offers me, I believe that there will never be a substitute for the human element.

ProWritingAid is a fantastic tool for writers. Here’s my ProWritingAid review: This program is invaluable for all writers.

Give ProWritingAid A Try and see how it improves Your Writing!

ProWritingAid’s grammar & spelling checkers can help you if you are new to writing or unsure what to look for in grammar.

ProWritingAid’s powerful style and word choice tools can help you improve your writing skills.

urge you to take another glance If you’re like me and believe you know more than what a writing tool could. enjoy seeing my writing broken down sentence by sentence and word for word. ProWritingAid recognizes patterns that I didn’t see in my writing. It helps me understand my style and allows me to modify it to my needs.

ProWritingAid will give you the correct feedback, whether you’re looking for an automated tool to check grammar and spelling or a device to teach to aid you in mastering grammar rules or an editor for style to assist you in improving your prose.

Do you want to give it an attempt?