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ProWritingAid Review. Will this grammar checker solve your writing problems?

ProWritingAid helps to improve your writing skills by using an editor of style and grammar checker. What is it that works? It could be a valuable tool for you. It performed as I had hoped, and I have a ProWritingAid review.

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If you’ve ever had to write a piece of writingyou realize that mistakes are bound to happen. They happen to the best of us: from pesky typos to not finding quite the right word, to many grammatical nuances it’s hard to keep track.

An editor or writing instructor is a great way to make any corrections. (I am aware of this since I’m an editor. This isn’t fair, but it is true. It’s impossible to replace the knowledge and experience acquired from a real person who understands language and can help you convey your ideas in the most effective way.

However, if you don’t have access an editor (or even if you do, but you don’t want to hire editors to edit your emails or Facebook posts) Grammar checking software such as ProWritingAid is an affordable, affordable alternative.

ProWritingAid Review by an Editor

ProWritingAid has received great reviews from writers whom I have confidence in. As an editor, I was dubious. A piece of software could spot all the errors in my writing. Does it have the ability to substitute for a human editor? This could be a device that can help writers find and fix their writing issues and improve their writing.

Let me admit that I have an inquiryCan I write so well that ProWritingAid would have nothing to review it?

ProWritingAid I decided to test it myself to find out how it performs.

Before we begin I want to clarify that I wasn’t paid to write this review. However, I also would like to be honest and inform you that this review includes affiliate hyperlinks. ProWritingAid membership will allow me to continue writing and also share editing techniques. This won’t affect your overall price and it did not influence my decision to use the program.

ProWritingAid is an excellent source.

How does it stack up? Here’s what I found.

ProWritingAid Review. The Basics

Let’s begin with a brief review of ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid describes itself as “a grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in all in one box.” It’s a piece of writing software that acts as an intricate system of grammar checkers, spell checkers, and style checks.

ProWritingAid can be used by writers, editors, students, and copywriters. If you’re a novice at writing or a seasoned author ProWritingAid includes features that can give your writing a boost in every stage.

A premium version and a free version are available. Premium users will get more options and support.

What features are included? Let’s take a look.

Grammar and Spelling Checkers

ProWritingAid’s core features are the basis of all writing program. It provides more information than Microsoft Word’s grammar and spelling checkers.

For grammar and spelling mistakes, errors are highlighted in red. My most favorite feature is that when you click on an underlined word, a box appears with a suggestion for correction as along with an explanation of the reason it suggested the correction.

Additionally, you can use the real-time error-checking feature to count all issues and guide you in the right direction with just one click. Do you want to avoid knowing how many issues the program spots while writing? It is possible to switch it off or on at any point.

More than a Dictionary and Thesaurus

Most writing tools come with an integrated dictionary and thesaurus. ProWritingAid makes it more with an online dictionary, as well as an thesaurus, as well as a variety of word suggestions tools.

You’re searching for the perfect word to use in your English paper, but don’t know where to look? Use the standard dictionary or thesaurus. Click on any underlined word to see a list with alternate suggestions.

Are you writing poetry and require an lyrical line, or wish to avoid using alliteration too often in a professional document? Alliteration analysis can assist you do this.

Are you writing a novel of a lifetime and want to ensure that you’ve not been relying on a myriad of cliches? Redundancy reports and the cliche will get the entire story.

Are you unsure if there, theirand they’re correct? The test for homonyms will evaluate your word usage and identify any words that are missing.

With these tools, you are guaranteed that you are using the correct words at the appropriate time each time.

Robust Reports on Your Writing

So far, so good. So far, I will admit that I was pretty confident in my abilities as an editor to improve ProWritingAid.

It gave me an analysis I couldn’t have gathered without ProWritingAid.

I’ve already mentioned ProWritingAid’s reports, dictionaries and checkers. These are only a fraction of the tools ProWritingAid offers.

There are more than twenty reports you can use to analyze your writing. They all exist and I’m only going to name only a handful.

The Writing Style Report

The report can be used to quickly and efficiently edit your prose after you’ve finished the grammar and spelling-check tools. Writing Style evaluates your writing and suggests changes that may improve its readability. It identifies writing style elements like:

Passive voice

Hidden verbs

Adverbs are too frequently used

Multiple sentence beginnings

This will give you a quick overview of the areas that you can make small adjustments to enhance your writing skills and improve the user experience.

The Word Count Report and Sentence Length Report

Although many writing tools offer word counters to their users however, the Sentence Length Report is far more effective.

Yes it will count words and characters within your document. It will also take every word in each sentence and show the words as a dazzling graphic. You’ll be able to see your typical sentence length as well as how your sentence length varies, and it will alert you to any lengthy sentences.

Even if you know exactly the message you’re trying convey it may be difficult for readers to grasp your meaning. Sentence length reports are an effective tool to spot unclear lines and assist you to break them down.

Three Reports to Beat Repetition

ProWritingAid has three reports, so you can catch repeated words.

The Overused Words Report will identify any words that have been used so often to be excessively used. Additionally, it will inform the number of instances you need to eliminate them so that they don’t become overused anymore. It will allow you to compare your use of published writings to see how your style stacks against similar writings.

The All Repeats report will identify words and phrases that have been repeated in your text for at most four words. It doesn’t mean that they must be overused but it is important to know repetitions.

The Echoes report will mark any words or phrases that are repeated in close proximity to each other. It will also offer suggestions for words to use to break up repeated words.

The Sentence Structure Report

The Sentence Structure report is one I find interesting. It reviews every way you organize your sentences so that you can see where you’re repeating certain syntax.

For instance 37% of my sentences begin with a subjectHowever, none of them start with a verb. While it’s not right or wrong this gives me useful guidance to improve the variety of my writing.

The Pacing Report

This report is something I didn’t expect I was awestruck to discover. The Pacing report is an amazing tool for creative writers.

While some background information is okay but too much could cause boredom for your readers. This tool can identify sections of your manuscript which slow down the pace, and let you know in a glance if it’s too much or just enough.

The Plagiarism Report

Plagiarism, a big concern for writers is the Plagiarism Report. ProWritingAid will scan millions of articles and academic papersIt will then analyze your writing and identify any lines that are derived from other documents.

The plagiarism checker, in contrast to other ProWritingAid report types, is not part of the Premium package. Premium Plus comes with fifty plagiarism checks each year. You can also upgrade to Premium Plus and buy the number of checks you require.

The House Report

Are you writing for an organisation that has a house stylebook? Do you want to use ProWritingAid looking for patterns or rules within your writing?

The House report comes as an unformatted report you are able to personalize to meet your specific requirements. Simply tell ProWritingAid what you would like it to analyze, and it will produce a report.

Explore to the Heart’s Content

I’ve mentioned nine of ProWritingAid’s reports in the past however that’s only the half of what this program can accomplish. Take a look here at the entire list. You can also sign up to an initial trial for free and have some fun with it.

These reports allow you to be as precise as you want when it comes to writing analysis. You can do an in-depth analysis of reading comprehension using the Readability report. You can also simply correct grammar mistakes and move on to the Grammar report.

Whatever kind of writing you’re doing, there will be a report for you to assist you in improving and crafting your piece.

Where can you use ProWritingAid?

The ProWritingAid editor can be accessed directly via the ProWritingAid site. You can either create your own writing using the editor or copy it from another document.

But, you’re not limited to ProWritingAid’s site. Whatever you’re using, Scrivener or Google Docs, you can download a plug-in to include ProWritingAid writing analysis to your favorite word processors.

Plus, download the Chrome extension, and your personal writing checker will be following you around the internet. Do not worry about spelling mistakes in your Facebook status updates!

ProWritingAid Free vs. Premium

What’s included inside the box? What’s the ProWritingAid package?

Here’s the breakdown of the free versus premium versions.

ProWritingAid Premium ProWritingAid for Free

Online Version Access Only to Desktop Application

You can analyse up 500 words at a time. Can also analyse entire documents at the same time.

25 Writing Reports 25 Writing reports

Limited results for Word Explorer tool Full Range of Word Explorer tool Results

Integration with MS Word. Google Docs. Chrome. Scrivener

Real Time Grammar and Style Score

Register for ProWritingAid today.

ProWritingAid comes with a free trial. It is a wonderful starting point. Personally, I enjoy the versatility and capacity that comes with the ProWritingAid premium version.

What does it cost to go premium? ProWritingAid has a subscription system. You can choose the length of time you’d like to join or join all of them with lifetime access.

1 Year $60

2-year $90

3 Year $120

$210 for Lifetime

Sign up now for ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid comes with a 14-day money back assurance. You are able to end your subscription within two weeks if you’re not happy with the services. ProWritingAid provides only one refund per customerBe sure to confirm your identity prior to signing up again!

The Editor’s Caveat

Let me add a caution to this discussion Grammar checkers and writing tools are important.

Grammar checkers can help you find the issues with your writing and suggest possible solutions. ProWritingAid can understand context and usage, and suggest the right solutions. Although ProWritingAid can be used to check grammar, it is still recommended that you carefully consider every suggestion, and be sure to reject any suggestions which aren’t helpful.

No matter what grammar editor you pick, if it suggests every change, you will be adding more mistakes in your writing. Grammar checkers can’t replace a good editor.

They will help you get closer to the perfect editing of your writing. ProWritingAid offers so many useful features, that go beyond grammar check.

The conclusion is: Would you recommend this editor ProWritingAid to you?

Let me be transparent, I was skeptical at first. I strongly believe that a good editor is essential. Even with all the reports ProWritingAid provides me, I believe that there will never be a substitute for the human factor.

ProWritingAid was amazing. Here is my ProWritingAid Review: This tool is a must for any writer.

Do you want to give ProWritingAid a second chance?

ProWritingAid’s grammar & spelling checkers will help when you’re new to writing or not sure how to spot grammar mistakes.

If you’re trying to refine your writing style, or vary your vocabulary, ProWritingAid’s robust toolbox for style and word selection will help you improve your writing skills to the next level.

And if you’re like me and believe you’ve advanced far beyond what a mere writing tool could provide, I’d encourage you to reconsider your approach. love seeing the granular analysis of my writing sentence-by-sentence as well as word-by-word. ProWritingAid can identify patterns I didn’t recognize in my writing so that I can better comprehend and modify my style.

ProWritingAid offers the perfect solution for you.

Do you would like to try your best?